Fitness/Weight Loss

I am a work in progress

Cinchspiration update feeling great! {v-log}

Cinchspiration challenge by Slap Dash Mom {v-log}

Working hard to get healthy

Team Cinchspiration Workout Challenge of the day {v-log}

Cinchspiration workout of the day {v-log}

Working out in the hot summer days {v-log}

What I lost and found again

Cinchspiration Update {v-log} month #3

Back to 2003!

Cinchspiration Update {v-log} month #4

Embracing Change

Fit Core Armband {part I}

Fit Core Armband {part II}

Cheering my teammates on Team #Cinchspiration {v-log} 

Giving Myself Credit

Cinchspiration during Thanksgiving {v-log}

Supporting my teammates on Team #Cinchspiration {v-log}

A weight loss journey with Cinchspiration

Cinchspiration Update {v-log} month #6

Still Going... {weight loss update!}

Yoga Blast with Dr. Lisa Workout DVD review

BalletBody Core Workout DVD review

5 Ways To Workout With Kids

Someone's Trying to Tell Me Something

Let's Dance, a new playlist for your workout

It's been a year... 

I see progress!

Copy Kids DVD review

One step at a time

Go, go, go!

I'm over at the Valentine RD

My favorite workout app

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