Hola, I'm Maribel Reyes founder and writer of Stroller Adventures, since 2010 I needed an outlet to share my adventures in parenting, with food {cooking or visiting restaurants}, traveling and as of 2012 my weight loss journey. 

I am a latina of Cuban and Mexican heritage born in the U.S. and raised between beautiful Baja Mexico and Southern California. Not only am I fully bilingual {Spanish/English} but I also understand latino culture and traditions. In 2001 I moved to San Diego as a newlywed, then in 2012 we moved to NorCal  as a family of 4, lived there for a little over a year and most recently we relocated to Costa Rica!

This means I am currently living and blogging in Costa Rica!

Stroller Adventures is a lifestyle blog with a focus on four different categories:food, fitness/health, travel and family. If you look in the dictionary the word Stroller you'll find that it means "a person who takes a leisurely walk". Well that is me, I am taking a walk through life. Enjoying all it has to offer and the only constant in my life is that there is always adventure! 

We love to travel, visit Museums, zoos, aquariums, going to theme parks, taking weekend trips near and far {is 600 miles far?}, cooking, taking walks, riding bikes, run, go to sporting events, concerts and more!

Oh and before I forget I am a little obsessed with nail polish, makeup, kate spade, my iPhone, being comfortable and on any given day you will find me instagramming what I'm doing or eating and searching on pinterest for new things to try. I am fascinated by social media which is why you can also find me on Twitter and FacebookThank you for stopping by my blog and reading my adventures. I hope you visit again. 


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