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In the new movie Sex At Dawn, Angelina Jolie plays a woman who appears to be very modern. This might not be such a bad thing, but on closer inspection the film reveals that she has evolved into an old-fashioned chauvinist. The movie is very good at presenting sex as being an intensely private experience.

Jolie’s character, Martha, is very much into her job and cares about what happens to her men. Not much has changed in her life, but the movie is, on the whole, a great celebration of the pleasures of sex and what it can do for a relationship.

This female character is played by the famous bodybuilder Jon Voight, who does a superb job. He’s also a well known actor and therefore a perfect candidate for playing a sexual role. His acting is excellent, and even though the production values are low the impact of his performance is what keeps the film from being boring. Jolie’s character is about 60 years old, a bit too old for Voight, but there is nothing wrong with that because it reflects the times in which the film was made.

Another female character is played by Sarah Jessica Parker, whom I have seen a lot of lately, and I’ve enjoyed some of her films, but Sex At Dawn is her best work to date. This is not a role that allows her to stretch out and show off her muscles, she’s more in control here, and her scenes with Jeffrey Lee Leeson do not make it into the “Sexiest Movie” lists.

After a meeting between aging leather smugglers Steve Agee and Robert Vaughn, they decide to pool their money and form a new group, called the Whitey’s. It goes down badly, but at least the movie is entertaining.

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It’s quite entertaining to watch the trailer for this movie, and the scene where Jeanette MacDonald calls one of her clients to her apartment to be ‘staggered’ is hilarious. It’s just a shame that after so many years she couldn’t get her own party together.

John Wile Ewing has a great turn as the middle aged chauvinist, which work perfectly, and by the end of the movie we are in complete shock at the way he clinches the deal. At one point his character calls over his wife, who ends up making him her secret lover. Perhaps, a nice change from his traditional career as a writer.

What was the major part of the movie? I’m glad I asked.

Sex At Dawn is a new age social-situation, and the sex scenes are extremely graphic, even to the point of tears. They were not necessary, but I think the audience is just okay with that, even if it does mean that there is more squirm than the average movie scene. I am less entertained by the sex scenes than the fighting scenes, but that’s fine because it was quite interesting watching the two men try to fight each other.

As far as the acting goes, Julia Roberts and Uma Thurman are excellent, and as always, they look great. What makes the movie is not their acting, although the acting is excellent, but the direction, especially the first half of the movie. The script is done brilliantly and is as funny as it is erotic.

John Stigler did a wonderful job directing. The only things that the audience can complain about are that they seem to go in for what is in between and not in front of the camera. I suppose that there’s nothing to do about that, but that’s a small problem when you consider that Sex At Dawn is a great movie.

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