Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tips From A New Runner

The past couple of months have been about running, working on my endurance and setting a better PR -that's Personal Record. I have been learning from avid runners what to do and what not to do, I have a better idea of what I should be eating and what will help me reach a better PR.

I've learned to listen even more to my body, in order for one to achieve what we want our bodies to do we need to be in tune with them.  Here's a list of what I've learned that works for me and may work for you too:

- 8 hours of sleep per night is a must, it allows my body to recharge and prepare for the next day even if it's a rest day.

- Eating before running gives me more energy, in fact when I've ran without having a small breakfast I end up having reflux and have to stop continuously or run uncomfortably.

- Eating a balanced diet lets me run smoothly without feeling the need to gasp for air.

- Dressing appropriately for the weather is best. For the past 2 years we were in the tropics which means that our wardrobe consisted of mainly summer clothes. Now, we live in cooler temperatures.  I've run in 39ºF temperature and it was truly uncomfortable. My legs felt stiff and my cheeks, lips and hands were numb which is why my family prepared me even more for my runs with weather appropriate attire and I've felt more comfortable running or taking a walk in warmer clothes.

- My lips have been burning from how dry the air feels, I've tried several lip balms and ended up going back to Burt's Bess my preference is for the pomegranate one but recently tried the grapefruit one. They both work on my lips. 

- I recently read that you should change your running shoes every 300 miles or 6 months. At first I will admit I thought it was a marketing ploy to get us to buy new sneakers often, but the past couple of weeks I've noticed my right foot keeps bothering me to the point where I end up taking brisk walks and just maybe it could mean it's time for a new pair. I added up all my miles since I got this pair in Spring 2015 and although I'm not at 300, my shoes do need replacement and pronto.

- Hydration is key, as a high blood pressure patient that takes medications for to help control it I need to drink water while on my runs and my parents found the perfect running belt for me that has 2- 6oz water bottles and a place that keeps them safe on my belt plus there's a zip pocket for my phone, keys and whatever else I might need. It also helps to have my hands free of holding the water bottle. 

It's amazing how great one feels when working towards a goal and I've been working towards mine at my own pace. In running, just like anything else you shouldn't compare yourself and your achievements to others. Instead you should compare them to yourself a few weeks or months before. You will surely notice milestones and how far you've come.

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  1. Good for you in aiming for your personal best! These are great tips.