Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Hey, remember me?

Happy New Year!

It's been a while since I last posted something new. It's not that we haven't done much, it's more like we've done a lot. In the past 3 months we've traveled to visit family, dealt with family health issues, been busy with volunteering at schools and getting to know more of the area we live in as well connecting with new friends. I have continued to be active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Hopefully you are following there me too, as I post several times a week on there. 

As the year began the area we live in was hit by several rainstorms caused by the "El Niño", which meant that in January I barely got to go out for my runs or take brisk walks. 

This month, began with sunny skies and we've even broken high temperature records something that has my allergies acting out. I am enjoying the sunny skies to take walks. When you stop running for over a week it's as if you lose your momentum and your speed and then again for someone as new to running as me you basically start building up to where were and that is what I've been doing since February 1. 

In fact, as of February 1st, I have set my first walking goal on Runkeeper and that is to reach 50 miles in February. It sounds easier said than done though, considering our area will have a week off from school and I don't usually take my runs/walks on weekends to enjoy my family to the fullest. I am optimistic that I will achieve it though.

Why did I chose 50 miles? For starters February has 29 days this year, so I figured if I were to run at least 1.72 miles per day all month long and of course being me that is not the case. Between volunteering at schools and other responsibilities there are days I don't make it to my run, so some days I'm reaching 3.5 miles others 2 and then there are days like last week when I reach almost 4 miles. 

I've chosen to reach 12.5 miles a week and last week I reached that goal. It was fantastic to do so, to share that feeling of accomplishment with my family and my body is feeling stronger with each walk. 

Playlist is key! Since I first began being active in 2012, I began creating my own playlists depending on what my mood could be. This year my playlists goes according to tempo and what I'm doing, for example when I run my playlist is mostly Calvin Harris with Ellie Goulding and faster music. For a brisk walk I sometime listen to some Spanish Urban music which is like Reggaeton or Bachata. For a slower paced walk I will listen to Reggae, Sade and Michael Bublé. 

Each person has a personal preference and for me these playlists have worked perfectly. There are times when during my walk I kind of want to just relax my mind and that is when I listen to instrumental music, to relax my mind and just breathe while enjoying the scenery. 

One more goal I set for myself, is that I want to try at least 2 new recipes each month. I have so many fantastic recipes on my pinterest board waiting to be made and slowly but surely I've been trying 2 -3 new recipes in January and again in February. Recently we tried a Rosemary, Butter, Garlic Steak that was simple to prepare and so delicious! 

Have you tried any new recipes you liked lately? I'm also planing our dinners for the week, this is great when you are shopping with a budget and also prevents the usual: "what should I make for dinner" dilema that I am very familiar with. This has also helped my not-anymore-picky eater be more open about what he eats. He's even eaten peas!!! I can't believe he is beginning to try new foods and is enjoying figuring out that when you try something new it can be a good thing. 

Well, I guess this update means I will be back to blogging... right? It's a start... Until next time have a great time enjoying what you do and being open to new adventures and connect with people in your life, because you never know what adventures your destiny holds for you. 

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