Monday, May 11, 2015

Refreshing Watermelon Frost

It's that time of year when the seasons change in California and you know what that means? We could easily have the "4 seasons of the year in one day", it's true. You wake up to 50ºF weather and throughout the day the temperature varies up to mid 70s, you end up dressing in layers because let's be realistic 20º difference is 20º. 

Mother's Day weekend was no exception, on Saturday it was a breezy day. Too cold in the morning for us, so much so that when we arrived in San Francisco around noon we had to put on our jackets and it still felt cooler than we expected. Then on Sunday it was warm and sunny, we went out for the evening in tank tops and crop pants only to return home 2 hours later shivering and begging for warmth. 

While the warmer temperatures on Sunday made us long for a cool and refreshing beverage we just couldn't decide what to drink... That is until my husband remembered we had half a Dulcinea watermelon left from the day before in the refrigerator. I guess you could say we both came up with what we wanted the drink to taste like and when I posted an image on Facebook I honestly didn't think you would be interested, but I was wrong because immediately I began getting requests for the recipe. As promised here's what we used and how we prepared the drink:


Half of a Dulcinea Seedless Watermelon.

Optional ingredients:

Tajin Seasonings
Key Limes


1.- Chop watermelon into bit size pieces, put in a bowl and place it in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours.

2.- Take out watermelon and leave at room temperature for at least 45 minutes {this is so it has more natural "juice" in it.

3.- Blend with ice cubes until completely blended as if making a smoothie. Serve and enjoy!

As for the optional ingredients, I felt it needed a little kick in the flavor department mostly because we didn't add any sweeteners. So I squeezed half a key lime and mixed in the juice directly in my glass and topped my drink with some tajin seasonings. It was delicious, refreshing and easy to make! Of course I used a slice of key lime to garnish my glass and next time I plan on adding some tajin seasonings to the rim of my glass.... mmm

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