Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Monster Jam® event {review}

My family and I would like to thank Monster Jam® for inviting to attend their Bay Area event at Levi's Stadium. We had a fun time and enjoyed the show. All photos and videos used in this post were taken by Maribel Reyes, we ask that you email us first to request permission to use them. Opinions are 100% ours. 

Monster Jam® was at Levi's Stadium last Saturday, along with Grave Digger, Metal Mulisha, Scooby Doo, Monster Mutt, Toro Loco, Max-D and more. It was an event to remember for sure, full of great family fun, monster trucks and awesome drivers.

The event began at 7 p.m. sharp, with fireworks and monster trucks. The crowd cheered their favorite drivers and monster trucks all along. This was definitely a family friendly event, because most of the spectators we saw were families with kids of all ages; we even saw a few families with babies in their carrier on the concourse enjoying the show.

Before Saturday we had only seen Monster Jam® on T.V. or on their YouTube Channel, so this was our first time watching it live and although we had seen it on screen we weren't sure what to expect. All the drivers truly love their fans. Just seeing Metal Mulisha's monster truck driver Todd LeDuc run through the grandstands to greet his fans and let a little boy holding a big homemade sign saying "We love Metal Mulisha" hold his trophy and greet him for a few minutes was proof of how much they love their fans. 

The show also featured speedsters as they raced around the dirt filled stadium, did you know that it took 500 truck loads of dirt to fill up Levi's Stadium in preparation for Monster Jam®? That's 1.5 million pounds of dirt {in case you were wondering}. The first 10 rows of the grandstands all around were covered in protective plastic to prevent dirt damage and so you wouldn't get any dirt from all the stunts the drivers performed. We sat a few rows above this and didn't get any dirt on us.

If you're wondering if you should take your family to see Monster Jam®, I highly recommend it specially if you love trucks and stunts. One of our concerns for the show was the noise level, I mean it does get pretty loud at times for little ones; since we are race car fans we were certain they'd be selling protective ear muffs and/or ear plugs and sure enough the protective ear muffs run $20.00 each but they are well worth the money since they protect your hearing. The noise is not constant like a race car event, but it's important to protect your ears. 

After the first set of monster trucks racing through the course it was announced that Grave Digger {one of our favorite Monster Trucks} had technical damage. We were a little sad about it since it was going to be one of the highlights of the evening for us, but when the freestyle part of the event started we soon found out he would be joining in on the fun and boy was it fun!

Our favorite part of the entire show was the freestyle section, mostly because each Monster Truck is given 90 seconds to show off all around the stadium doing stunts and performing solo. It is truly a sight to see a monster truck jumping over 6 cars, dirt ditches and even empty containers. A few of the trucks flipped over landing on the roof and amazingly managed to flip back over by moving the tires. 

After this event our family can't wait to attend next year's Monster Jam®, in fact there were several announcements on the jumbo-tron screen for March 2016 in Las Vegas and our 9 year old daughter kept asking if we could go. 

Monster Jam® 2015 is still on tour and you can check if there will be an event near you on their official website.  I do know that up next they will be in Texas, North Carolina, Florida and Illinois to mention a few. For more Levi's Stadium event videos visit the Stroller Adventures YouTube channel. 


  1. HOW FUN!!!! My youngest is SUPER into hot wheels and monster trucks. I wish I could've gone with you guys!! How are you adjusting up there, by the way???

    1. Aw thank you for asking, we are like fish back in water :D This is home and it made the transition easier. As for house hunting, school enrollment and all that moving entails well we are finally feeling like we are settled in :D