Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Saying goodbye to life as expats...

We are just a few days away from boarding our flight out of Costa Rica, leaving the expat life behind and moving onto exciting new adventures back in the Bay Area. Living in Costa Rica for the past 18 months has been an experience that has forever changed us. We are certainly not the same family that left family and friends and moved to Central America. Thinking back on these past 18 months there are several things that I'm definitely going to miss when we move back home:

1.- Listening at the crickets chirp, the frogs from the river croak and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees at nighttime. 

2.- Radio Urbana, it's a radio station that plays reggae, calypso, roots, dancehall and more all day every single day. It's where we discovered our new favorite Spanish reggae bands and other reggae artists we hadn't heard of. In addition it's the radio station that we will be able to continue to listen online. 

3.- Our neighbors/Costa Rica family/friends, they are truly amazing! Their kindness makes me smile every day and thank the Lord we chose this house over the others. Last Saturday they surprised us with a party, everyone was there and we all had a great day making new memories and sharing our best experiences from the past 18 months.

4.- Calling something in all the different ways I've learned that it is called to see which way the person I'm talking with will understand what I'm saying. Example: The mop is in the laundry room/ the thing you use to clean the floor is in the laundry room/ what you use to clean the floor that is a stick with some textile material at the end is in the room where we wash the clothes {now picture it in Spanish but with the different words that mean the mop!} "La mopa esta en el cuarto de pilas/ el palo de piso esta en el cuarto de lavar/ el coleto se encuentra en el closet de lavado/ el gancho esta en el cuarto de pilas/ trapeador esta en el cuarto de lavadora/ la fregona esta en el cuarto de servicio".

5.-  The fruit! definitely the fruitI am now a pineapple fan, I've developed a taste for starfruit and soursop is so delicious and has an interesting texture I can't explain. Passion Fruit is out of this world.

6.- The green lush views anywhere you go and this also includes the science class that is our backyard.

7.- The rain and I don't mean light rain, but tropical rainstorms with lightning and thunder!

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We can't wait to see our family, we are excited for this new chapter we are about to begin. Stay tuned as we continue to share our experiences in Costa Rica {oh yes, I have many more posts to share with you} mixed in with our new life experiences in the Bay Area. 

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