Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Valle Sol Restaurant {Costa Rica}

Date nights are pretty rare for us, specially since moving to Costa Rica they don't happen often. That's why when we find a little time -even if it's only an hour, we make it a point to go out. A few weeks ago we had the time to enjoy a nice breakfast just the two of us at a local restaurant, we've driven past it many many times however we never made it to dining there. That is until we found time for ourselves one morning and took advantage of us not having breakfast, the restaurant is called Valle Sol and they serve Mexican food too. In fact on a random Friday I was shopping at the grocery store across the street from them and could hear live mariachi singing and playing typical Mexican music.

On a cloudy, rainy morning we parked on site and walked over to select our table. The restaurant is mostly covered by a roof, but for the most part it is outdoors. There is only one wall and the rest is just fresh air. 

Reading over the menu I noticed they had a juice bar fully stocked with produce, I ordered a papaya, pineapple and orange juice. It was delicious, they only added ice and the papaya gave it a creamy texture. My husband ordered a freshly made orange juice. He said it was delicious and you could taste that no sugar was added which made it even tastier.

For breakfast I opted for the chorizo sandwich, it was good, although I was honestly expecting real Mexican chorizo something that is challenging to find here in Costa Rica. They used a sausage that in Costa Rica is called chorizo and it is called Mexican because it contains jalapeƱos. Still it was good.

My husband ordered green chilaquiles. The chilaquiles were delicious, the sauce was made from scratch and the tortilla chips were the right size. 

The ambience at Valle Sol is very laid back, while enjoying our breakfast we saw groups of cyclists stopping by to recharge and enjoy freshly made juices and breakfast. It is also perfect for group meetings, we got to see a group of ladies having a business meeting. The staff is quick and courteous, they do a great job at refiling your water without you asking, coming by to ask if you need anything at just the right time. 

Pricing is average, for our complete breakfast we paid the equivalent to $15.00 USD. Which is ok considering the amount of chilaquiles that were served and the freshly made juices. 

After this visit, I'm sure we will soon return to enjoy more chilaquiles.

Valle Sol is located in the city of Santa Ana in the province of San Jose, across the street from Mas X Menos grocery store. 

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