Thursday, September 25, 2014

How we protect our phones (*) Speck {Review}

I've mentioned before how much I love my iPhone, lately I use it more than I use my desktop. It's convenient, you're out and about and can't find your destination and you just click on an app get directions instantly or you're out shopping and want to compare pricing, in a few minutes you know where you'll find the best deal.

I also share my phone with my kids who are 9 and 4 but very techie, specially when we are waiting for something.  They understand that a phone is something you take care of specially when it holds all of mommy's pictures of them. However it is inevitable for one to accidentally drop their phone to the ground and sometimes even into water. Which is why from the moment we purchase our smartphones we protect them.

Usually I chose a cute case that is bold, colorful and feels practical. A few months ago I was invited to try [*]Speck's ipad, iphone cases. It was great timing too because my year old case was cracked on the edges and was showing normal wear and tear, what can I say my iPhone is a permanent fashion accessory for me and that means it takes time for me to decide on a specific case due to color and texture.

With [*]Speck I took a while deciding because they have so many options, which is why when I had finally narrowed it down to 3 I asked them for help deciding on which one would suit our needs the best.

My husband likes discrete colors which means usually black or gray along with simple, clean lines and textures, nothing bulky or heavy. His is an iPhone4 and he charges it using an iDock which also allows him to listen to music, lucky for him [*]Speck has a case perfect to fit his needs: the CandyShell Flip Case. It is absolutely perfect for him, I'll tell you why. The CandyShell Flip case allows you to flip back the lower half of the back panel so your phone will stand alone and/or you can place your phone on a dock without taking the casing off. 

In my case, the more vibrant in color the better. Slim casing with a bezel because let's be honest I drop my phone occasionally specially since I let my kids use it to watch videos, take pictures of places and things they find interesting and we listen a lot to music on my phone. Which is why I chose a CandyShell Inked case for my iPhone 5 this year, it has military grade protection which means it's the perfect case for me.

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