Monday, September 29, 2014

Costa Rica's International Book Fair

Book Fair's are the best, you can learn about new up and coming authors or new published books. You can meet face to face with editors and publishing companies. You can find items that are exclusive to the fair. 

A few weeks ago Costa Rica hosted their annual International Book Fair, each year they chose a special guest country; last year it was Mexico, this year it was the United States. We were very excited to go and find new books to read. We love reading and through the years our family has managed to collect our favorites allowing us to have a small library at home. The Annual Book Fair in Costa Rica was held at the building known as the "old Customs" in the downtown area of San Jose. 

Here is a collection of photos of what we saw at the 2014 International Book Fair:

There was a section designed specially for kids to be able to play, lounge, draw or get their face painted:

One of the exhibitors that caught our attention the most was "The Smallest Book!", it had books the size of my preschooler's hand! This one was about jokes. 

Pricing for books are discounted up to 20%, something many took advantage of. We had just gotten many new books while visiting back home and were mostly there to see what the book fair here offers and to see if we found a new book in German for my kids. Unfortunately we didn't find any German books, but we did see books in Portuguese, French and even Japanese. We also learned about other book stores in Costa Rica and publishing companies here. 

The building behind the "old Customs" one is called "Casa del Cuño" which means house of the seal, there local artisans had their designs on display. I was lucky to meet my favorite designers Priscilla Aguirre from Hola Lola which I've mentioned before on Stroller Adventures. 

I also met one of the founders and designers behind one of my new favorite brands: Puercospin, I love their sailor designs. I first discovered them while shopping at Espacio in Escazu and now I am following them on all their social media, I look forward to featuring them in the future. 

Cotidiano is the creation of Daniela, she has recently launched her handmade shop; however I'm already a fan of hers. I particularly love her coffee mug designs and bookmarks!

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