Thursday, September 11, 2014

Adding colorful touches to our home.. {Pen & Paint feature}

One of the reasons I love Instagram so much is because I've connected with the most creative women that are also inspirational to me. I love connecting with new people and Instagram has allowed me to find more artists to connect with.

While living in Cupertino I had the pleasure of connecting with amazing artists and handmade shop owners amongst them I found Lindsay from Pen & Paint. Lindsay is a mother of two and an artist at heart. She is always creating, I've seen posts on instagram early in the morning in which she is sketching with her felt pens or doing some watercolor art that she most of the time turns into printed art to be sold on her Etsy shop. 

On my blogging bucket list is to feature handmade artists and shop owners I love on Stroller Adventures, however I wasn't sure if emailing them to ask to feature them would be well received by them. So in May, when Lindsay made an open call on Facebook for bloggers that would like to collaborate with her and her shop, I immediately emailed her to say how interested and excited I was about this amazing opportunity! 

I'm so glad I did, because who wouldn't like to learn about an inspirational artist that sketches colorful drawings in watercolor and adds encouraging sayings and quotes to keep you going throughout your day? Such as this one:

This print is located in our upstairs hallway, the one we walk by more than I can remember each day. It is a great reminder to be a better person. There is always room for improvement and this encourages us to keep going to becoming better each and every day.

You most likely already know how much I love my family, my extended family and how much we miss them all specially since moving to Central America. To us family is priority, we are a very tight family on both sides. It's the way we were raised and the way we are raising our little family. It felt right to add this print to place we are most during the day: our kitchen counter! 

I am getting many compliments from friends and neighbors that are fellow expats like us for this print, they agree that family is everything!

There are so many other prints I love like the Believe in something wonderful  and the one that is a reminder of the weight loss journey I am  on, my list of favorites could go on and on specially since she has roughly 150 print options! She also has some very cute and colorful ones that I've been looking at for our kitchen. 

Disclosure: I received two 5x7 prints from Pen & Paint for this feature, however all images and opinions are 100% my own. 

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