Monday, August 11, 2014

The iPad case that allows me to multitask! {review}

Since moving to Costa Rica our family iPad has been getting used more than before by our family, the preschooler uses it to practice shapes, numbers, letters and more; the third grader uses it for homework and to play mine craft, designer and practice her German.

Living over 2,700 miles away from family and friends means we are also using our family iPad to FaceTime with them and stay in touch. Due to all this usage we were searching for the perfect iPad case that would not only protect it, but also make it easy to take anywhere and one other key feature we needed was it to be able to stand alone. Perhaps the case we had before did allow this except for the stand alone feature. 

Sometimes when I facetime my mom I'm multitasking: cooking or cleaning while talking with her, the kids love playing games with their family and friends but holding the iPad with one hand and  using the other to play wasn't comfortable or safe for the tablet as it could fall and break the screen. 

We had been researching all the options locally and online to determine which case we'd purchase once we were back in the U.S. for vacation, narrowing it down to two options both were from (*)Speck but we were going to decide once we saw them at the store. A few days later I received an email offering us the opportunity to review (*)Speck products and of course I jumped at the opportunity immediately! 

I explained to (*)Speck what our needs were as far as an iPad case and I mentioned I had narrowed it down to the iGuy Case and the HandyShell. This is when we were recommended to try out the HandyShell, which I'm so glad we chose it is lightweight and you have full visibility of your screen, in addition it stands alone with a handle it has on the back that you can also use to hold onto your tablet. 

After receiving our new HandyShell we took the old case off and placed the new one on, the kids were excited about the handle and stand alone feature and I was happy that we finally had a functional case. 

We got to use the new case a week before our return flight to Costa Rica, but hadn't used it to its full potential that is until our flights back home. Our daughter placed the iPad in stand alone position on the plane's tray table while she played on it, she also used it to watch a movie while in flight. When we had arrived at our layover destination she simply grabbed the tablet by it's handle and walked with it in hand. 

Back at home I have been enjoying this new case by multitasking as I was before while I FaceTime with friends and family, reading my recipes while I cook and I've been watching a lot of streamed movies because now I can have it with the handle positioning it horizontal or vertically and while I'm washing dishes I can catch up on my favorite shows. 

If you are looking for a new iPad case we highly suggest you look at all the options (*)Speck has, they have colorful ones, cases and covers; they have over 30 different options at reasonable prices. They also have excellent customer service and are all about having happy customers, as I mentioned before they helped me chose the best iPad for our family needs

Disclosure: We received a HandyShell iPad cover for review purposes, all opinions and pictures shared on this post are my own. 

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