Monday, July 28, 2014

Live A Happy Life...

You see the bracelets I wear? They are a reminder of where I've been and where I want to be. They are a reminder of why I am where I am...

It's been a month. I'm sitting here with a thousand thoughts going through my mind. I sit here at my desk ready to let my fingers type everything in my mind. 

All the new memories that were made during the past month. Taking it all in while looking at images that captured those special moments, those moments we spent with family, moments spent with friends. 

Someone once said "to remember is to live" {"recordar es vivir"} or something like it, so true. In the age of digital technology in which you can take unlimited amounts of pictures. I took over 700 pictures in a month during our first trip back home since moving to Costa Rica. Perhaps it sounds like a lot, but in reality and in my case I tend to take many pictures. This trip was different, this vacation I was not behind the lens as much or as often as usual and I was completely ok with that. Specially when we were with family or friends I was there, in the moment 100% there listening to all their stories and sharing our experience living as expats. I was there savoring each bite of every single meal we had. 

Then I heard my mom mention to someone "they're visiting from Costa Rica, but have 10 days left before they go back" those words came back to mind in the middle of the night and I have to admit for a moment I panicked. I felt sad and overwhelmed with emotions. I tried to be as busy as I could which meant that the next few days were the busiest out of our entire trip,  I felt I needed to do more than I could because I knew the end was near. 

As the day approached and it was time to say our "see you soon" to family and friends, we were on an emotional roller coaster that when it came time to leave for the airport I felt time stood still, I do miss all our family and our friends. I do miss spending time with each one of them over a delicious meal from home, but as we arrived in Costa Rica I felt I was arriving where I should be and that is with my husband and kids. Our little family of 4 is once again home in Costa Rica and we are enjoying the memories made while on vacation and we are also enjoying our time here. 

This time around, our arrival in Costa Rica was smoother. I am calmer, I am at peace and happy to be here, I got this! 

Our friends have come by to welcome us back, one neighbor brought me flowers and she also brought cookies for my son and pomegranates for my daughter. We don't know for sure how much longer we will be here, but I've promised myself I will be in the moment and enjoy it. I will let the positive outshine the negative and I will accept and embrace the differences because that is what being an expat is all about.

To Live A Happy Life! 


  1. Beautiful. Life is definitely a journey, and you are on a fabulous one. The fact that your children will always be able to say they have lived in another country is special. How many of us can say that? Of course we want you back home permanently, but CR is your home too. Enjoy it... and be happy.

    1. Thank you Carolyn, you always encourage and support me to keep going. You are right this is a fabulous journey. ;)