Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The 'Perfect' Parent {book review} #sponsored

Disclosure: I received an advance copy of Roma Khetarpal's book "The 'Perfect' Parent" for review purposes, however all opinions expressed are 100% my own. Cover image provided by Roma Khetarpal's PR team. 

As a parent, I personally ask myself the same question each and every day:

Am I the perfect parent?

I also ask myself how can I be the perfect parent. Growing up I had this vision of what kind of parent I wanted to be when the time came. I always kept two separate definitions in mind:

What type of parent I didn't want to be

What type of parent I want to be

I used my parents as models of what would go into each definition and kept them fresh in my mind for when I finally became a parent. In 2005 I became pregnant with our first child, from the moment I found out I was pregnant and received confirmation from the Doctors office I began making choices even though she wasn't yet born I began following my model of what a perfect parent should be like. Fast forward to 8 years later and I most of the time feel like I am far from my definition of what a perfect parent should be like, there are days in which I feel I am failing as one and feel sad and frustrated. As many parents I chose to stay at home and be 100% with my family. It is a choice I made that I'm blessed with a husband that supports my choice always.

When I was asked if I would be interested in reading and reviewing Roma Khetarpal's upcoming book "The 'Perfect' Parent" I was a little skeptical about the title as I felt that it would be a book telling me how I'm parenting wrong and how to better my parenting style so I could become "The 'Perfect' Parent". Little did I know that only after reading half the book I would feel more confident on my job as a parent and more clear on the fact that my definition of a perfect parent is far from reality.

You see in the book Roma explains that we are all the 'perfect' parent to our children, because each family and each child is unique and different. Only us, as parents know what each of our children needs are. This is definitely true, through reading this book I was able to figure out where I was lacking better parenting with my kids. They are both so different and I as their mother listen, observe and appreciate those differences and needs. Roma's book is far from being a manual, it is more like a supportive book in which it encourages you to be the perfect parent for your child and how to achieve better communication with them which is what as parents we all strive for.

Roma shares great stories about parenting her two children in the book, stories that I can relate to. I truly enjoyed reading "The 'Perfect' Parent" and even have a journal for my favorite quotes to keep on hand for when I need a reminder on communicating better with my own children. Amongst my favorite quotes are these:

"Each day through good communication I am building a great relationship with my child"

"While we try to teach our kids all about life, our children teach us what life is all about"

Here's a little more about Roma Khertarpal, she is the founder and CEO of Tools of Growth {TOG}, a website through which she helps parents raise their kids to "Be happy, Think positive and Do good". With parenting classes, community outreach, articles, reviews and blog posts. TOG provides parents with simple and easy to remember communication tools that are effective and can help them build a strong foundation and relationship with their children. Roma lives with her husband in the LA area and is the proud mother of two adult children. 

"The 'Perfect' Parent" will be available for purchase on many retail platforms, including Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble in SeptemberFor the latest updates on Roma Khetarpal's book and more make sure you visit her official website. 

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