Thursday, April 10, 2014

Looking back...

It's hard to believe that a year ago this week we were traveling for the last time in a while to SoCal and Baja Mexico. We traveled to visit family, friends and enjoy each second spent with all of them. 

It's almost been a year since the last time we saw 95% of our loved ones and today is proving to be a bit challenging, I'm emotional looking at pictures of our trip and thinking of each and everyone of them. Everything we did on that last trip was so soak up new memories and have them last us a long time, a year ago we didn't know when we'd travel back to visit. 

We still don't know when we will travel to visit family and friends. I still log on weekly and quote flights and make lists of what we want to do once we visit. Decisions like do we want to go visit here or see this friend or eat at our favorite restaurants or go to a theme park, how much time would we have on our first trip and will we have enough time to do it all? How will we make our 3-5 weeks long trip work so we can see everyone? We still don't know how it will work out when we finally get there but we will certainly make the most out of our trip. 

Picking up and moving to a different country is fun, adventurous and some may say brave but it's also bittersweet when you think of it. You leave everything you know, your comforts, your culture, everyone you love and even though technology makes it possible each and everyday for us to be in contact with our loved ones it just isn't the same as seeing them in person and giving them a hug.

We do love our life here, we have experienced different and new adventures. We've learned so much in the past 10 months, we've seen many new sights and grown so much. We have also have had our share of challenges like when our car broke down and we were car less in the rainiest month of the season or when my husband fell gravely ill and most recently our son got to ride in ambulance to the ER {something he is happy about, just not the IV they had to put in his arm}. 

Yes 10 months and counting, as I look out our window and see the winds of change are here we don't know what the future holds just like everyone else but we do know we are loving the memories we are making and the challenges we've endured? well we'll just have to file those in lessons of life because after each detour on our life we've learned we are stronger than we thought we were. Next June we celebrate our first anniversary in Costa Rica and I'm kind of looking forward to it, it is a big milestone for the 4 of us and we shall celebrate it after all I am where I was destined to be. ;)

As Costa Ricans say "Pura Vida"... 


  1. i still can't believe it's been so long!!

    1. I can't either, it feels like a month ago.

  2. Such an amazing adventure for your family. And of course you're the second person I know now who picked up and moved to Costa Rica. It's definitely on our to do list for next summer (Rancho de Espanol), and of course we'd have to see more. Time definitely flies, and I have my fingers crossed you'll be able to visit friends and family soon!

    1. Thank you Michelle, we are looking at July for a visit :D we moved here due to my husband's job :D so our experience is much different than others since our life is basically the same as in the US :D except no family around or near us and we moved with all our belongings {including furniture, bikes, tv, electronics} :D which made for a smoother transition for our young family. I would love to hear more about your trip to Costa Rica next summer :D so please stay in touch and if there is anything we can help with let me know :D