Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Getting back to writing...slowly, but surely!

Over the Holiday break our family visited us from the U.S. we took this opportunity to explore our surroundings, some places were new to us to but others were familiar as we had already explored them. It's fun to visit places again when family or friends visit, you get to see the reaction you had when you saw the volcano for the very first time or when you saw the crocodiles wandering underneath the bridge you drive on.

Amongst the places we visited were Jaco, Manuel Antonio National Park, Quepos, Tarcoles, Cartago,  San Jose, Poas Volcano and the La Paz Waterfalls Garden. There was one trip our family took without us which was the Tabacon-Arenal area tour. I opted out of this tour due to our preschool aged son, mostly because it is a Luxury Spa Resort known internationally for its thermal hot springs therefore being a place to relax. :)

I will soon be sharing about all our trips, there is so much to share we've been adjusting to our new routines and with the kids back in school this certainly makes it easier for me to share about what we did over the holiday season. Also at the beginning of the new year I wrote a list of things I'd like to experience/see/visit in Costa Rica while we live here. I will soon share my Costa Rica bucket list. 

It is mid-February and the weather here has been extremely windy since mid December, windy as in 13 - 16 mile per hour winds, the last rainfall we had here in the Central Valley {San Jose to be exact} was Thanksgiving weekend November 28th. I have to admit I truly miss the rain as our backyard is all brown and dried up even with us watering it daily. The beautiful bright orange tropica flowers have not bloomed since November and in fact are now brown. I know that rain season is called "green season" here and now I know what this means. 

As I prepare my posts regarding our trips I'd love to know what is it that you would like to find out about each place? What would spark your interest even more on these places? 

Until next time, enjoy life to the fullest. Pura Vida! 


  1. I can't wait to see the Waterfall Gardens. All the photos I see of Costa Rica are always so beautiful. Glad things are back to a routine for you! I would love to hear about your favorite restaurants too!

    1. Thank you Raquel, I do have a few favorite restaurants. I've shared 2 of them so far here... :D on the food tab all the way at the bottom is a list. I have to add more. I am loving Caribbean food and need to learn to cook rice and beans ;)