Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My favorite workout app

I've been sharing on Instagram posts about my walks-runs and those include distance, timing, calories burned and fastest mile. One thing I love about having an app that helps me keep track of my walks and timing is that because I live in a high heat-humidity area I don't have to wear anything on my body that will irritate my skin. It is a simple app that was already pre-installed on my iphone and all I had to do was buy the chip that goes inside my shoe to keep count of my steps, this was I feel it is more accurate. 

Several people have asked me on my posts what app it is I use, it's simple it's the Nike+ app which works with a chip that is also made by Nike and goes inside of my Nike tennis shoes. The chip was a gift my husband gave me in July 2012 when I had just started my weight loss journey and I've been very happy with it ever since. I've compared it to other apps and products that keep track of your daily workout, the big difference for me is that I always have my phone with me and it fits comfortably inside the back pocket of my running capris so my hands and arms are free of holding any device, I can focus on my walk/run and not getting run over by cars {I'm serious...}. 

I love that it has several options that will let me choose how I want to workout among those options are:

Basic: This option allows you to workout freely, you decide how much time you workout, how long of a distance you will workout or how many calories you want to burn.

Time: Are you in a time crunch? I've been several times, so I simply choose this option which includes 20, 30, 45, 60, 90 minutes or you decide how long you want to workout. An alarm will sound notifying you time is up.

Distance: I started using this option 2 weeks ago, when I wanted to reach 5 km as a goal. I love that you can choose miles or km or even a half/full marathon workout!

Calories: You want to burn 700 calories? then you choose this option and workout until you reach your target. 

The app is very easy to use and the information you get from using it is very helpful. At the end of each month I add all the mileage I've walked and when I see the total I use it as motivation to set a new goal for the next month. 

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