Friday, November 29, 2013

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Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! This morning I realized that as of today I've walked/ran a total of 43.27 miles! I had a goal of walking a mile per day in November and somehow I've increased my distance up to 3 miles per day in the past 2 weeks. Today as I walked I paid attention to my legs and noticed that the lower thighs no longer rub against each other this is major in my case. I was recently even thinking that maybe just maybe my thighs would never get smaller but I guess this proved me wrong and taught me to not settle, to work towards reaching my goals and to not give up on my dreams. 

Today I'm sharing all about how my workouts have evolved on The Valentine RD, so make sure you visit me there and read all about it and how I've gone out of my comfort zone. While there make sure you read all about my friend Melissa, she is a registered dietitian and I'm so excited to share that starting 2014 she will re-open her private practice in the L.A. area! 

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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