Friday, November 15, 2013

Mercury Retrogade took a toll on us

I've never really paid much attention to superstitions, even though growing up I remember my father not making any major decisions on Tuesday and this would go as far as not even traveling. I remember while in middle school my aunt visited from Cuba she arrived on a Tuesday it was actually Mardi Gras tuesday, well everything and anything that could go wrong went wrong! What was the worst of that day? My aunt nearly got sent back to Cuba. 

Now that I'm grown up, married and have kids my husband keeps me always in the positive with his attitude towards life. My parents are also always looking at the bright side, I think my dad grew out of his superstitions on Tuesdays. 

Last July after car hunting for a few weeks now, we finally bought our car. It wasn't a new car but it was our new car. We were happy and excited since I had always wanted this particular car but never got around to owning one. Life was going smooth, some bumps along the road but nothing major mostly adjusting to our new life here and making new friends. 

I had heard in the past through my blogger friends from SoCal Lady Bloggers that Mercury Retrograde happens 3 times a year and it was soon to happen. My friend Xenia from Raised by Culture had warned us, but since it had never really affected us I didn't pay much attention to it. Little did I know we were in for a bumpy and almost off-roading couple of weeks. 

Mercury Retrogade in full force

It all started at the beginning of October when my debit card wouldn't work. I couldn't withdraw money, I couldn't deposit money and even worse I couldn't use it to pay for anything! It was truly frustrating as I went ATM to ATM to figure out if it was a system issue. One day it worked and the next purchase it didn't. Very frustrating. Luckily I had either cash on me or another card I could use. 

Our new- old car 

Then it all went horribly wrong, it was a Friday and being we are a one car family I offered my husband to take the car to work that day so he didn't have to worry about a late meeting. This day specifically there was a strong thunder-lightning storm going on. So strong that you could practically see the entire sky light up not just behind our house or in the mountain in front of it, loud thunder bright lightning that stretched across what seemed the entire city. I soon found out that the car had stalled on my husband and needed to be towed. The following Monday we took it to the shop to get fixed and after a month our car is still waiting at the shop to get fixed because they couldn't figure out what was wrong, finally they tell us it needs a new transmission and it costs $5,000 dollars to get it fixed! It's only been 3 months since we bought it. 

Rental car woes 

Towards the end of last week we decided to rent a car for the weekend and instead of paying $10 dollars each way for a taxi cab to the nearest mall why not pay $25 dollars a day for a rental car and go anywhere we wanted. We began searching for the best deal on renting an economy car because remember we still have to get our car fixed... We searched online and found one that had a promotion through their Facebook page, we called and reserved a car. We were told they didn't have the economy one available but could rent us a full size SUV for the day and upon return switch us to the economy car so we decided to go along with it. Upon arrival to pickup they didn't have our reservation in their system even though we had the confirmation number, they finally got it sorted out. The next day we called before returning and found out no economy car yet available so extended our rental, the following day we go to return the car and the office is closed so we called their call center only to find out it doesn't open Sundays so were instructed to keep the car for an additional day. On Monday I show up super early and wait for them to open so I could return the car, they had no record about our extensions! We were told they would have to figure out what happened to get this sorted out. Finally that evening I get a call back that it was a mistake and no extra charges would incur, for our troubles we were offered the rental we were waiting for and accepted it. When they finally delivered the car I'm informed they can't rent us the car due to us not having a local driver's license. Something they never mentioned or told us about the first time around. 

It's over, I think...

Finally yesterday it feels as if things are going to turn around, probably because Mercury Retrograde is over as of Sunday and even though its shadow is lingering over gemini {both my husband and I are gemini's} and can still affect us we looking at the positive side on all of this. We now have our Costa Rica driver's license, I have walked 3 miles a day and my leg muscles are toning. I can only hope that next time Mercury is in retrograde it doesn't affect us as much. Lesson learned in many ways.... 


  1. Yikes... sounds like a good time to stay in the house and do nothing more than necessary!

    Hopefully you get your car back soon.

    1. Thank you! Exactly, we've been laying low... ;)

  2. it's definitely been a rough bout this time around... sending positive vibes your way... and that positive frame of mind is what helps to keep you going... =) xoxo

    1. Thank you Jamie, I'm trying to stay positive it's been rather hard lately.. but the sun is looking shinier today. :D