Friday, November 1, 2013

Go, go, go...

Last Wednesday I went for my morning walk/run, but on that day it was very different though. I decided to get out of my comfort zone/area and head to downtown where I usually go for walks with my neighbor, I had yet to do this on my own. It is all uphill, nonetheless I decided early on to run a bit. As I was running getting passed by professional runners  {you know the ones that have been running for like forever with the body to show it} In my personal opinion these people are professionals.

All 3 of them cheered me on! they said:

 "Go, Go, Go"

 "you can do this!"

 "Yes! go for it!" 


I have to say that I smiled and it truly encouraged me to keep going, I am truly thankful that these rockstars took a second to cheer me on! It really empowered me to keep going, I didn't last long though running like I said uphill and I'm just starting out I felt like I was going to hit the pavement and not in a good way... but the fact that they said that, means a lot! 

Next time you are going for a walk or run instead of just glancing over the person you pass by walking smile at them and cheer them on! I am sure going to do the same. Sometimes we need cheerleaders to remind us that we got this.

Today I pushed myself even further and walked over 3.5 miles, that felt incredible my legs didn't feel tired at all. They feel stronger each and everyday and today is proof better yet I know at the end of today I will have walked a little more as our car is still in the shop getting fixed and I am walking everywhere! 

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