Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's celebrate 3 years of Stroller Adventures!

This week marks a very special milestone for me, you see 3 years ago on October 5th 2010 inspired and cheered by my husband and mother I started Stroller Adventures of SoCal. Yes Stroller Adventures began as a SoCal specific blog in which I shared our adventures as a family with 2 under 5 strolling around town with our youngest in a stroller. 

We would attend local events and share how we enjoyed these events, sometimes I shared my  feelings at a mother and others we would would share my family recipes or local attractions we would visit. This year Stroller Adventures celebrates 3 years of being part of the blogosphere. 

When Stroller Adventures was first launched I had no clue what I was doing and I blogged once a month or maybe twice a month, in the last year I was blogging daily. The brand has evolved and now it is mostly about me, strolling through life sharing about Traveling, food, health/fitness as well as parenting -which is how it all began. From blogging in San Diego, to now blogging in Costa Rica. 

I'm very thankful for everything Stroller Adventures has allowed me to experience and enjoy. I see life so differently, my perspective has changed and so has the way I lead my life. 

To celebrate our 3 year bloggiversary I've prepared some giveaways, because this little blog of mine couldn't have grown to what it is now without YOU. Without readers and followers who are now friends.

Disclosure: I received a copy of "My Mommy Is A Blogger!" book. 

Our first giveaway is sponsored by a fellow blogger she has been blogging for a while now {since 2007} at Green and Clean Mom and she wrote a book called "My Mommy is a Blogger!". When I first received the book from Sommer, I was excited because it was a new book to add to our growing library and also because it explains to children what a blogger does. :)

The book is very sweet, it's about Josie who is in Kindergarten and brings her mom to class to share about her job -it was parent's job day at her school that day. When Josie introduces her mommy she says "This is my mommy. She is a booger!" something I've heard more than once from my kids who then giggle and correct themselves to say "blogger". Like Josie's class my kids' friends and neighbors don't understand what a blogger does.

"My mommy is a blogger!" explains with examples that bloggers work on their computers to share their ideas and opinions. She compares high rank on pages to getting an A on a test. The book explains about twitter and online parties, connecting with others around the world -something I have always loved about the internet.

My kids love reading Sommer's book over and over and the book has helped my 8 year old explain more in detail and with facts what a blogger is and what I do. They also loved the colorful illustrations and after seeing a picture of Sommer they both agree that she does look a lot like her illustration :)

Since I'm celebrating 3 years of blogging what better than to giveaway 3 copies to 3 random winners {selected by using rafflecopter} of "My Mommy Is a Blogger!". To enter just follow the instructions on the rafflecopter form below.

Thank you for entering and best of luck!


  1. Congrats on your blogiversary! Three years, how exciting. I quite enjoy writing about green/eco-friendly topics, as well as health promotion. However, if I had a second blog, it would totally be different. I'm not sure what focus or niche, but definitely different.

  2. If I had the energy to start another one I'd write about classic movies!

  3. I have a blog.. I started blogging about my parties.. and now it's just a crazy bunch of stuff relating to my kiddos!