Monday, September 23, 2013

Jalapeño Salsa

Lately we've been craving Mexican food, a lot! We usually cook some at home but until last June I rarely did my own salsa since we moved from San Diego. Yes friends, I was stuck in a rut buying canned salsa. Now that there aren't very many options for canned salsa here in Costa Rica I've began experimenting with making my own. For the past month I've been preparing them on Sundays which is farmer's Market day. It works out perfectly as I come home from shopping for fresh produce that was just harvested overnight!

When I can't make it to the Farmer's Market on Sunday, I know that my local grocery shop always has jalapenños in stock.

Today I tried out a Jalapeño salsa and posted an image on instagram where I asked if you wanted me to share it via vlog or blog. You chose blog so here I am sharing the recipe with you! :D


4 Fresh Jalapeños
1/4 Fresh yellow onion
1 Medium sized garlic clove
1/4 Vegetable oil


1.- Remove stems from jalapeños and wash them, place a large skillet {preferably one with a lid} on medium heat and add vegetable oil. Let the oil heat up about 3 minutes, add all ingredients and fry them for about 5 minutes turning them so they are cooked evenly.

{This is where the lid comes handy since the oil is so hot you must be very careful that no one else is in the kitchen. You can cover the skillet while the jalapeños cook so the oil is not jumping out of it.}

2.- After all ingredients are fried add everything in the skillet to the blender and salt to taste. {Since it will be very hot I suggest using a towel to let the steam out}. Blend it all. When all ingredients are throughly blended place the newly made salsa in a dish to cool down.

You can either serve it once it is cooled down a bit with chips, use it as topping to your Mexican dishes or add to other recipes. Either way this salsa is delicious and spicy hot! 

Enjoy! :D


  1. Salsa is so easy to make, however, for me, I've never made it homemade... =) but I've gotten really picky with my salsa so I'm always paranoid that if I make my own I won't like it... but this salsa does look good... what's the spice level?

    1. Depends on how spicy you want it, use only 1 jalapeño so it is mild :D Because it can get pretty high! You can lower it with salt and lime juice... :D