Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wordy Wednesday "Getting there is the Adventure"

The first month we were living in Costa Rica our weekends were busy with house hunting, then with moving and getting settled into our new house. This past weekend was THE weekend to have a family adventure with nature, it certainly was lots of fun. 

We decided last Friday evening that we would do something different on Saturday and explore one of the 5 active volcanoes that Costa Rica has. I have to admit I was very nervous! {the kind of nervous that makes me quiet!..}. We got up, had an amazing breakfast and got ready. We used our gps app waze {it is fantastic in case you haven't heard of it check it out}. The adventure began as we got closer to the airport and the app was sending us through a road we'd never seen or been on. 

Now this was our first time heading to the Poas Volcanic region which is roughly an hour from our house, but nonetheless an adventure in itself. The road has parts where you have 3 different options and although we kept telling our kids we were having a "Dora the Explorer" kind of day we didn't think we would actually be like her. With directions like: "Over the hill, through the airport and up the mountain that's how you'll get to Poas Volcano!" If you've seen Dora you know what I'm talking about. ;-)
We kept driving up the mountain and passing coffee plantations, strawberry fields and as we went higher we didn't know what to expect. Suddenly we were stuck in what felt like traffic until a few minutes later we realized we had arrived. We now know how to get there a different way than the one we took up, so when you visit we will not take the wrong road -oops!.

I love enjoying this kind of outing with my family, it's fun and a great learning experience for all of us. I will soon share about our day there and what we saw. 

What has been your latest family adventure that you enjoyed the most? 

It's #WordyWednesday and I'd love for you to link up! This week I'm leaving the linky open for a few days. Can't wait to read your Wordy Wednesday posts!

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