Thursday, August 8, 2013

List of 5's

A few weeks ago my sweet friend Kristin from I Delight In You shared an old school link up about 5 things. In her meme she tagged me and well it's been long overdo, so today I decided to share this. I think it's fun, hope you do too. 

Five Things I have a Passion For:

Family: Family is everything to me, it's part of me and being with them brings me great joy. I love my family and always have fun with them.

Technology: I've had a passion for everything tech since high school when I took a programing course, yes I did. I knew how to program in D-Base, Pascal and other fun programs that no longer exist.

Adventures: I was raised to treat life as an adventure and always look at the positive. So I tend to even when sometimes it is a challenge.

Travel: Growing up we traveled a lot, be it a quick hour drive or a long drive from Baja to Canada! Traveling is the best way to learn. 

Food: There's no point in denying it, I love food. I've had to cut back a bit on it, but I've also found some amazing food I can eat non-stop. 

Five Things I would like to do before I die:

Travel more! Australia, Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Greece, Turkey and the list goes on!

Inspire others to do good and be positive. To work for what they truly want and reach their goals.

Attend another concert from Sade, Michael Bublé, Gypsy Kings and more! I love listening to their music and live makes it even better. I've been to their concerts and they are truly amazing!

Publish a book, I love writing always have. It would be amazing to publish a book of stories I have. I do have it all written in my head the thing is getting it done.

Ice Skate at the Rockefeller Center in New York City during the Holiday season, yes that is a dream I've had all my life! My family knows how much I'd love for this to happen soon. :-D

Five Things I Say A Lot:



Oh no!


If you don't stop at this moment you are getting a time out! {this should be my top one!}

Five Books and/or Magazines I Have Read Lately:

Borrowing My Mother's Saints

Proof of Heaven

Family Fun Magazine

Self Magazine

The Four Agreements

Five Favorite Movies {Maybe You've Seen Them Five Times?}

Gigi: This movie is set in Paris back in the 1900's it is about this sweet teenager that is being taught how to be a proper lady by her aunt and raised by her grandmother. She falls in love with a family friend. It is a beautiful story and the costumes, setting and everything about it makes me want to watch it over and over. Yes it is an old movie with Leslie Caron and Maurice Chevalier. It's the movie that made the song "Thank heavens, for little girls..." popular.

The Women: Set in 1939 when all was glamour, it is black and white except for the scene where there is a runway walk. Stars Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer. What happens when women are together and how true love always triumphs. No matter what.

You've Got Mail: Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, need I say more? Ok, ok... I will this is my all time favorite movie. Boy meets girl online in a chat room {remember those?}, boy and girl fall in love unknowing who they were in real life. Sweet and funny movie.

The Wedding Date: Single girl hires an escort to go with her to her sister's wedding. Escort is Dermot Mulroney {whoa! ;) }, they meet. Attend the wedding and get to know each other. If I give you more details you will miss out on a great chick-flick.

Sleepless in Seattle: Again my all time favorite duo! Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, this is the chick-flick that started it all for me. It is also a great story and setting. I love Seattle!

Five Places I'd Love To Travel To

Europe: Italy {I've been there but I'd love to go back to Rome, Florence and Capri}, France, Germany and Spain. 

New York City {No, I've never been...}

South Africa



Thank you Kristin for this fun meme!

What 5 places would YOU love to travel to?

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