Friday, August 30, 2013

I'm very Sunshine-y!

Last week my friend Melissa who blogs over at The Valentine RD and this week Cynthia from Kinda Silly Mommy nominated me for the Sunshine Award it is an interactive way to recognize other fellow bloggers for the positive impact they have. I am truly honored and humbled that I am part of this nomination. 

As with any award or meme there are rules:

1. Include the Award logo in your blog post {in this case the picture of the white flower on top}
2. Link to the person who nominated you {Melissa and Cynthia :D }
3. Answer 10 questions about yourself {read below these rules}
4. Nominate 10 bloggers and them know by leaving a comment on their blog

Since I have decided to combine both nominations into one post {again, thank you ladies I'm truly honored} I have chosen 6 questions from each one to respond to:

So here are Melissa's:

1.- How old would you if you could be any age and why? 

I am torn with this question, because I love my age at this moment but I would probably go back to 1999 when I met my husband and was 20, I am a romantic at heart and loved all the details and surprises he always gave me. Also this being the age at which I got to travel to Italy. Loved that Country so much culture and history :D

2.- What song do you love that most people would be shocked to know?

Easy. I've expressed my love for smooth jazz, but would you believe that I love rap? So a song that I love a lot is "Ridin' " by Chamillionaire yes I know all the lyrics and pump it up when I'm driving alone in the car... And just so you know since when I love rap, I know the lyrics to Helluva by BHC a.k.a. Brotherhood Creed. Yep that one ;-)

3.- What is the biggest personal change you've ever made?

I'm still working on this one, but being more active. It's challenging when all your life you are used to something and now suddenly you are going against 30+ years of being very sedentary. 

4.- What is your favorite movie?

Just one? haha Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, The Women {the one from 1939} and Gigi. 

5.- What is something you wish everyone knew about you?

Back in 1996-1997 I was a local radio station dj, I had my own show on weekends from 12 - 2 p.m. until the radio station's union members turned off my mic while on the air. Sad day for me. I really loved choosing the music that would go on air and invested in buying CD's and singles to have more variety! 

6.- What's your mantra/life philosophy/favorite quote?

"It's not the place, it's the person" My mom has been saying it since I was about 10 years old and now it is my daily mantra :D 

Now for Cynthia's questions:

1.- What is your favorite dessert?

I love pies, so any pie will do... But I also love ice cream so usually pie a la mode :D

2.- Do you have a tattoo? If so, what is it? or which is your favorite? If not, if you were to get one, what would you get?

I don't have any tattoos, I can't stand needles so no. :D

3.- What was your favorite TV show growing up?

I loved Full House as much as I loved I love Lucy so I can't pick just one.

4.- What is your favorite cereal?

Kellogg's Frosted flakes...

5.- Name your top 5 songs:

a) La Isla Bonita by Madonna

b) Any song by Sade, but my absolute favorite is:  Love Is Stronger than Pride

c) Obsesion by Aventura

d) Any song by Sinatra :D

e) De antes by Cultura Profetica

I could honestly make a longer list :D but I narrowed it down to 5 :D

6.- If a movie was to be made about you and your amazing life, what actor would you cast as yourself?

This is a tough question, I love Julia Roberts and Meg Ryan but they don't look anything like me. Debra Messing is also a great one in my opinion. I'd be torn to be honest, because she would have to look like me but also be as down to earth as I am. Good hearted and kind. She'd also have to be a mother in real life, you have to be a mother to understand another mom. :D

Here are my 10 Questions (for my 10 Nominees listed below):
1.  What is the first word you think of when reading this question?
2.  Favorite vacation you've taken and why?
3.  Which do you prefer the city or the country?
4.  Favorite subject in school and why?
5.  Favorite Cuisine and do you know how to cook it {at least 1 dish}?
6.  What is your favorite book about?
7.  On Sunday's what is your favorite activity to do?
8.  Favorite magazine {you know the one you buy or are subscribed to}?
9.  Which is your best quality -according to you?
10.  Favorite shade for nails and if you remember what brand?

Here are my 10 Sunshine Award Nominees:

What questions would you have asked me? Leave me some in the comments section and I will choose several to respond.


  1. Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail, I Love Lucy & Full House are some of my faves, too!

    1. Which is why we get along so well! :D xo