Monday, August 26, 2013

Club Local #sponsored #ad

Disclosure: This is a sponsored ad post for informational purposes in exchange I attended a special pre-launch event for a morning of pedicures. Thank you Club Local.

Life gets busy, everyone has a set routine during the week no matter where you live it is a given that everyone is busy with work, school, home, cooking, etc. One of the tasks or must-do on my lists is always something to do with our home be it getting the car washed or getting our home repaired. I remember while living in San Diego my dad would 99.9% of the time do all the repairs himself. He knows how to fix everything and anything. He always has, he taught me several things like turning on the water heater when it goes out or changing a propane tank whenever needed {in Baja we used propane tanks for gas at home and you always had at least 2 so you would need to switch them once a month}. When we lived in the Bay Area repairs were taken care of by our landlord, still I kept wondering how we would find someone we could trust that would provide us with excellent service when we bought our house.

We no longer live in the Bay Area, however we still have many friends there. I've heard from them when they need repairs on their home that they are always searching where to go or who to call. Luckily for them last June Club Local entered the San Francisco Bay Area market and pretty soon it will spread all throughout the Bay!

Club Local is a company that has reviewed and analyzed service companies in the area from home repairs to car detailing and created an app for you to download and search for the service provider you need and get this {here's what makes Club Local so special} you can go ahead and schedule straight from the app! Isn't that fantastic? and to top it all off they have pre-negotiated discounted rates. 

For example you are on your way for a day full of fun with your family and suddenly your plumbing goes out, you are on a tight schedule so you load up the car and leave during the day you log onto your app and search for the nearest plumber that can solve your needs, schedule an appointment and voila! You are set!

What's the best part of Club Local?

They have screened each company before hand and have even uploaded pictures of employees, so when the job is scheduled you get a confirmation with the picture of the person that will show up at your doorstep.

Is that fantastic or what? It's that easy. Make sure you check them out and download their app available on iTunes and Droid shops.

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