Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wordy Wednesday "Fishing"

Yes that picture of that very proud little girl is me. I was about 3 years old and I used to go fishing with my dad. I loved going fishing with him, so many great memories of every time we went. Sometimes we teamed up with other dads and their daughters mostly family friends, we'd have so much fun. 

It was a "daddy and me" day, lots of fun for sure. We'd usually go fishing in remote areas, most of them required you climb down a big mountain full of rocks and back then there were no gps or cell phones. We would stop at the local convenience store to pick up everything we'd need: tortillas, key limes, salsas, fresh veggies, water and bait of course. 

In Ensenada we'd like to go fishing to a place called "Los Arbolitos" or "El Zepelin" which are very close to the world famous blowhole. We'd pack up the car and then hike down close to the Ocean, sit on rocks and enjoy the scenery. We'd sometimes get to see dolphins. Those memories have always been there and the time we spent together. 

I remember walking around to see the tide pools. After a couple of hours and catching several fish, it was time to eat and my dad would clean the catch and prepare a place to cook it. We'd enjoy our fresh fish tacos right out of the ocean and we were proud to have caught fish to take home for my mom to cook. 

Thanks dad, for all those great memories you helped create and made for me. I truly cherish them.

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Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. That's such an adorable picture of you!

  2. Maribel I LOVE the idea of Wordy Wednesday!! Wordless Wednesday just isn't my style I have to much to say. ha,ha Adorable photo btw! :)

    1. Thank you! I love to talk a lot so I can't just post a picture haha, thanks for the compliments about the picture :D