Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Social Media in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has joined the social media train, everywhere you go you see either a Foursquare sticker with their brand on it, instead of a website you see a facebook page, instead of a gps they use an app that tells them real time traffic WAZE, they use a special app to text each other and family members out of the country. If you ask me this is looking more and more like a Latin American Silicon Valley in which people socialize in person and on social media. Fascinating facts for sure. 

Bet you didn't know they have Starbucks, McDonald's, Lego Store, many brands have their own store here such as CROCS, skechers, adidas, puma, there's also Chili's, Applebee's, KFC, Taco Bell, Subway, Quiznos, Papa John's, Pizza Hut and that is not all! 

One store that has caught my attention as I walked through one of the local malls is Ruta Urbana {it's a clothing store that knows how to use Social Media to its advantage} it had a window display that clearly shared all the social media platforms they are on, inviting shoppers and mall goers to follow them along. I thought it was brilliant and it made me smile. Even more so the fact that while you browse through their online catalog you can pin items you like! Way to go Ruta Urbana! 

If you are looking for specific items on your grocery list... let's say for example Matzos guess what? They have them! I know because on weekends our breakfast is usually chilaquiles or Matzo fry and while browsing through the local grocery store I found this lovely display!  :D

We are learning so much from Costa Rica, they are open, always smiling, always willing to help, yes their driving is not the best but they are still great. You just have to think you are living in L.A. and have to take the fwy during peak times. However even then you are less than a 45 minute drive and while on that drive you enjoy the scenery. 

The image above was from 3 different days... and those days traffic was not that bad. 


  1. Wow - Jewish food in Costa Rica. Love it!

    1. Oh they have other cuisine's ingredients too :D But this one caught my attention the most considering my uncle is Jewish and I grew up eating Jewish food :D nothing beats some fresh made matzos along with lox and bagels for Sunday brunch! :D