Thursday, June 20, 2013


Life after a big change or shall I say move is always an adjustment, looking back at last year it took us all about 3 months to get into our new routine. Have everything out of boxes and in place. Making new friends wasn't that difficult mostly because of school, our 7 year old made friends from day 1 in NorCal. She did miss her friends from SoCal and continued to stay in touch with them through snail mail, facetime and phone calls. Our 3 year old son made friends with neighbors that had children in his age range. For me it might've taken a bit to get acquainted with adults. I did meet moms in my daughters class, but still it wasn't as if we were very close. Two moms in particular welcomed me from day 1, one of them was a parent in my daughter's class and the other mom was from a different class. 

I was not lonely because I am a talkative and a social person, but I was longing for friends with whom to go grab a cup of coffee... have meaningless chat or deep conversation where we talked about parenting and who we were before children. 

I am still settling into our new life in Costa Rica, I realize that I have yet to make friends. My adult conversations are with hotel staff members, on the phone with friends, the cashier at the grocery store and my husband. I miss dropping off kids at school to join friends for a cup of coffee. I know it is an adjustment, but still sometimes you just want to have a few minutes to enjoy friend's. 

Today I am raising my coffee mug and saying cheers to my friends in Cali, you know who you are and I just wanted to let you know how much I miss you. 

Ever moved and have to start all over again? 


  1. hey woman! cheers right back at you. You look great. I really miss you, and Sarah and Mario too. Looks like lots of fun and new things in CR! You'll have coffee with friends there in no time! Keep on posting! -Moira

    1. Thank you! It has been lots of fun, but also very busy getting everything sorted out. :D I can't wait to have coffee with friends... meanwhile we can do a facetime coffee hangout! :D