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What to do in Roatan Honduras!

As you read this post my family and I are traveling to our new home in Costa Rica, I've asked my friend April from Illi Style to visit Stroller Adventures. She has been very supportive throughout our moving process and she has traveled to Costa Rica too, just look at what she posted on Instagram for me! Made me smile :D

 There are several things that make April special to me, she is very sweet, kind and always offering help. She also lives in SoCal and is amazing at crafts and DIY projects just check out her tutorial for how to repair a sagging headliner on a car another favorite which I plan on using when we move is the moving day kit and did you know she and her family lived in Honduras for 2 years? She recently said goodbye to Roatan Honduras and hello to California!

Here's April.... :D

Roatan is a small Island that belongs to Honduras, located to the North of it in the Caribbean. I lived on this island for two years, to work as missionaries. My family and I loved the island and the wonderful people there. There are so many fun and exciting things to do here, however I've narrowed it down to these top things to do, they're mostly kid friendly since we have a 3 year old. 

West Bay Beach: It has clear blue water and white sand beaches... this is the Caribbean at it's finest. You could spend a whole day here just soaking up the rays, snorkeling, building sand castles, and enjoying the "Aqua Glide" {a huge floating inflatable with a full size trampoline, an obstacle course, and a giant slide}. It is lots of fun!

west bay beach, roatan, honduras

Plaza Mar in Coxen Hole: Shopping and a view. It is a local market set on a hill with a view of Coxen hole. It's a wonderful photo op.  Make sure to pick up a huge bottle of vanilla extract for about $2.50, local coffee for about $5 and the fresh baked bread aisle. Yum!

plaza mar, roatan, honduras

Glass Bottom Boat at Foster's West Bay: It is a super fun ride, that lasts about 45 minutes of underwater fun without getting wet or sunburned. Keep an eye out for Parrot Fish and Sea Turtles.

glass bottom boat roatan honduras

This is Little Girl and her bestie experiencing it in 2012.
They loved it, obviously!

Gumbalimba Park: Zipline from the road right down to the beach, then take a tour of the exotic animals. Macaws, monkeys, iguanas, oh my! An awesome adventure!

family with monkey at Gumbalimba Park Roatan Honduras
My family at the park in July 2011

Rent a Scooter at Captain Vans {West Bay or West End}:  This is super fun! You can rent a scooter for the whole day for about $30 and explore the island. Make sure you wear your sunscreen especially on the front/top of your thighs, people usually forget to do that.

scooter roatan honduras

See local art! 

When you visit make sure you purchase souvenirs that are made there in Roatan, because that way you ensure that families on Roatan are being fed. Just check out these amazing local artists:  Rusty FishBritteny BennettStitches of Love... if you love art and want to support Roatan, then please consider buying from local artists.

I heart Roatan and I hope you enjoy the beautiful island!

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  1. Interested in going with my 3 and 5 year old. Looks amazing. Is there enough to do with our kiddos? What about transportation? Driving around in taxis without car seats terrifies me. Are there other options? Thank you :)