Monday, May 6, 2013

Adventures in Evolution

If you've been following our adventures you might have noticed a change on Stroller Adventures. The colors are different, the layout is basically the same BUT the design has changed and been updated. You see when I first began Stroller Adventures it was a bit of everything and I did share about our adventures in parenting {mostly hehe} then I began sharing family recipes, some reviews on products we like and find helpful then we moved and had even more adventures to share with you. 

I began my weight loss journey and sharing about it with you. I still share about our parenting adventures or places we visit however our toddler son has grown up quite a bit and is no longer always in a stroller. In fact he is less in the stroller each day. As I kept pondering on what Stroller Adventures means to me I suddenly realized that: 

I stroll through life's adventures! 

My life is always evolving, there is always errands to be taken care of, meals to be cooked and enjoyed and places to visit. There is also always thoughts and reflections on what is going on and that is when I felt I wanted to share a lot more about me, because before being a mom I was wife, before being a wife it was just me. My likes, dislikes, plain and simple me. 

I hope you will continue to enjoy Stroller Adventures and you like the new design. I wanted to let you know that yes in fact the only constant in life is change. Evolution is an amazing journey to be shared and I will continue to write about everything I have been writing in addition to my likes which in case you didn't know here are a few things I enjoy. 

I hope you join me for more Stroller Adventures. 


  1. Can't wait to see what your adventures will be in the next year. I have no doubt they will be fascinating.

    1. Thank you Carolyn, I hope they are :D