Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's Paint!

Spring break here is just around the corner and as a parent I am always on the search of new ways to have fun with my children.  I was recently shopping at our local craft store looking for ways to incorporate a little painting into our weekends, I found these cute wooden bird houses that are sold for $1.00!

I began to think of ways we could decorate them as a fun project to keep the kids entertained and allow their creative juices to flow. They had little wooden shapes such as bees, letters, picket fences, butterflies and more that could be glued to the birdhouse however I decided to go with simple painting to start us off in a fun way and playing with colors. I was there to supervise the entire time and enjoyed watching them paint.

I went with acrylic paint since the bottles were under $1.00 and got a couple of sponges and paint brushes. I prepped the dining table with some card stock so they wouldn't stain our furniture and found some paper plates to use for the paint to be easier to access.

The kids had so much fun painting and enjoyed it for a good hour, they enjoyed it so much that they keep asking for more birdhouses.

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