Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brussels Sprouts

Yesterday I shared on my Facebook page that I had not tried Brussels Sprouts -ever! However 2 weeks ago I decided to buy some and figure out how to prepare them. I asked on Instagram how you had tried them and got some great ideas. Then I decided to experiment with them. Here is the first of 2 recipes I've loved so far with them. Oh and just so you know I've eaten them almost every day of the week of the past 2 weeks, yes loved them that much!


10 Brussels Sprouts
1 Tsp of minced garlic
Garlic Salt to taste
Crushed Black Pepper to taste
Cooking Spray


1.- Chop off the stem of each sprout and take the first layer off. Cut in half and set aside.

2.- Spray a medium sized skillet with cooking spray and place on medium-high heat. After a minute add minced garlic and brussels sprouts, sauté for about 2 minutes.

3.- Add spices and stir it all as if you were stir-frying for 4 minutes, cover with a lid and place on low-medium heat for another 3 minutes.


Fun fact about Brussels Sprouts is the have the same chemical as Broccoli to help boost DNA repair and block growth of cancer cells. Also high in vitamin K! 


  1. My entire family loves Brussels Sprouts which makes me so happy since I can't imagine no having them at least once a week :) Your recipe looks so delicious!

    1. Thank you Bibi, it is very simple yet very tasty. I love that the texture remains crunchy yet soft. The perfect balance :D

  2. Thanx for posting, I LOVE brussel sprouts! I'm your newest follower, also in CA! You can follow at: www.tristascreations.blogspot.com

    1. Welcome Trista! I do too, I just tasted them a couple of weeks ago for the very first time and am hooked on them!

  3. I've always been afraid to cook with brussel sprouts because i had no idea what to do with them ;) guess I need to change that!

    1. It's all about trial and error in the kitchen ;) try out a way and if you like it add it to your recipe box :D