Thursday, March 28, 2013

Someone's trying to tell me something!

Over the course of the last 6 months of 2012 I changed my lifestyle, eating habits and overall my well being. Not only that but my story, weekday challenges and triumphs were documented on this blog and other social media platforms.

The past couple of weeks I've found myself at a crossroads where one road leads me to continue on the journey and go well beyond what I thought was my ultimate goal and the other one that leaves me where I'm currently at and just stop here. It's funny how life has a way of letting us know what we are meant to do. Where we are meant to walk towards.

Last week was full of reminders and motivational encounters to let me know to continue on my journey and not to stop. The reminders were in different settings, in different ways. All of them were a kind reminder of how far I've come and how much I want to continue even if sometimes I lose my focus.

Yes family and friends' support mean a lot and keep me encouraged but sometimes we still need a little pat on the back or someone to tell us "continue on your path, you're doing great!". 

The first reminder was while shopping for groceries, a lovely lady reached out for a bag of Lavash Bread as I was trying to figure out between pita bread and Lavash. As I looked at her I asked what she did with the Lavash Bread as I'd never used it in my recipes. While sharing ideas she explained about ingredients and nutritional value, how this ingredient is terrible for your metabolism and that ingredient is easier to digest. She taught me in just less than 5 minutes a little about nutrition and how to read labels. Thank you to this kind woman for her words of encouragement. I am sure you might be reading this, so I hope you know you are in my thoughts. :)

My second reminder was completely unexpected, I've shared all about my pinterest board to keep me motivated and where I share all I've written about my weight loss journey. For the past 3 years I have enjoyed going on bike rides with my family, just last week I was on a 5 mile bike ride on my own while everyone was at work/school and I couldn't stop smiling even as I was pushing myself to go up a hill. The only distraction I had was my old helmet that kept jiggling and pulling on my hair. Which led me to search online for my future helmet, one I would like to get before our big move. As I pinned it to my board I did not think much about it, however a day later I received a comment on that pin that made my day and again reminded me to keep going! So I am still going, stronger and even more focused.

The last reminder was Friday morning as I logged onto instagram I got a notification about a comment on an image I shared over summer. It was none other than the star of my favorite workout video. She was so sweet and we even chatted over on instagram. How special you made me feel and excited to continue doing the samba to your routine. Thank you! :D

Documenting what I ate or what I did was not only intended to hold me accountable but also to perhaps inspire and motivate others. It was also a way to remind myself to keep going and when that going got tough, well I could/can just go to my iPhone and see images of what I ate, what I did, how much water I drank, how I exercised and other changes I've done.

I decided to continue documenting what I eat and shared how I'm exercising even when I can't do it as "me time", because even when the kids are home I can workout. I can certainly make it work. I just have to do it.

The most important reminder I am having is that if I trip or fall I can still get up, dust myself and continue on my journey because I want to and need to continue on this road. 

It's hard to believe how much one can accomplish by sticking to their plan and keeping their focus. I myself am amazed of all I've done and plan to continue on my journey as I'm halfway there. It's all about balance and knowing what to chose. It is not easy, my lifestyle had stayed the same for the past 11 years. But I am certainly willing and wanting to take it one step at a time. I can't say I won't eat something or chose wrongly because it would be a lie. The fact that I am giving it my best shot is the best I can do, focusing on what I've done and what I'm doing not on how much I still have to do. 


  1. You have done a phenomenal job my friend. We both know how hard this journey is and how hard it is to stay on track and keep working towards our goals. You know what? YOU CAN DO IT. WE can do it.

    Keep going and sharing your story, your journey. Whether your successes are large or small it will continue to inspire others, including me. Love ya lots! Stay strong!

    1. Thank you Kim, yes it is not an easy journey. You are constantly at crossroads and choosing to better your body or not. It's a challenge but slow and steady we will beat this! :D xoxo hugs!

  2. i'm sure it doesn't help things right now with the tremendous amount of stress you're under. Just remember it's all in the mindset.

    And we all have those moments when things don't happen as easily and we need that extra push. These reminders were helpful in giving you that extra push again!

    1. So true, life sometimes happens and we lose our focus. Glad I've taken the reminders to heart and have been working on them this week :D feeling accomplished on that :D and happier with me. Yes indeed, these reminders were exactly what I needed. :D

  3. I am so proud of you and isn't it funny how when we're not looking we can be gently reminded of what is really important?

    1. So true! I've been dealing with exhaustion and stress over the move, spring break and more. That I lost focus, but today I'm ready to get back to it :D