Friday, March 8, 2013

Keeping It Real {My Workspace}

Today is Friday and every Friday my amazing friends at SoCal Lady Bloggers have a linkup where we share our favorite post of the week. However this week we in for a surprise, we were asked to share our blogging workspace.

My first thought was "O-M-G! My workspace is a mess! I have receipts, Doctor notes, notes I have written, pens, cables, DVD's all on top of my desk! on top of my printer and it is very disorganized!" I did panic for a split second, then I thought well in all honesty this is how my desk always is! I am always writing notes on scraps of paper or little cute notebooks. I am always leaving receipts I need on top of the desk and pens well I love stationary so pens are a MUST!

After I worked up the courage I finally got to work and took some pictures. Please excuse the mess! I am sure Adventure Dad is not going to like this, since he is super organized and dislikes clutter but then again this is my space. My place where I write all my posts, where I share my recipes, where I edit my vlogs, edit my pictures and connect with you :D 

The only thing I did remove from sight was my water bottle and cup of tea :D

I'll break it down on all the stuff you see here:

DVD's to remind me to workout! 

Phone, because sometimes being online is not enough and yes I still use a landline. 

I took off my watch as I am was tired last night.

Ponytail holder, now this is super important because one can never have enough ponytail holders! 

The amazing stickers on my desk are keepsakes my kids have sticked on for me to keep them in mind just as the little Rapunzel -Tangled squinky my daughter left on my keyboard. 

Papers, more papers, scribbles, notes, pens, the usual stationary that every desk should have.

 And behind my monitor is a very special picture of me. Taken back in 1997 when I was a size 8. Yes ladies and gentleman I once was a size 8, if you visit Stroller Adventures often you know that I am working on going down in sizes and this picture is a reminder that I was and I still can get to that :D

Thanks for stopping by and taking a small tour of my blogging workspace. 
I promise to organize it more often.