Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Customizable Gifts at your fingertips!

DISCLOSURE: This is a sponsored post, I was compensated with a gift card to shop at CafePress which facilitated my review. The last 2 images are my own. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Lately I've been doing a lot of online shopping, for different reasons the first one being the comfort of shopping from home. As a parent finding time to shop sans kids is always a challenge, I don't mind shopping with them however my son does not like it and makes it a bit stressful as he would rather be at a park or playing than following mom around while she shops for clothes and shoes or gifts.

Searching for a great and unique gift that can be personalized is another reason why I'm enjoying shopping online and CafePress is the place for that! You can customize products from t-shirts to aprons to coffee mugs to water bottles to tech accessories you can also shop for unique pre-made designs they have. 

One of the items they have that I personally need is an iPhone case, the one I have recently cracked. For me having an iPhone case allows not only to protect the phone itself but I mostly have it to make my phone a little more me. Personalization is key to me as I like having my personality show through my accessories -yes my iPhone is one of my must have accessories. 

After viewing all the dozens of choices that CafePress offers for types of iPhone cases i.e. snap case, slide case, charger case, guardian case, shield case and more! I narrowed it down to a snap case. Then I had to decide on the design, I could either create my own using a picture I had taken or design my own custom case with colors, fonts and shapes of my choice. In the end I was between an artsy design and a funky or pattern. Easy, right?  Not so much since I was loving all the colors and designs. Then I saw it! I found something I absolutely love. My favorite painting is by Van Gogh and it is called Starry Night. I love it so much that we have a print of it in our bedroom wall -we've had it for 12 years now! 

I have to admit I have been on CafePress the whole week browsing every single category and thinking of what else I could get, I know we are moving soon so it had to be something that would not get damaged in the move and that I can still use in our next home. Since we've been married -06/2001; we have collected magnets for our refrigerator from wherever we go. In fact in 2005 we traveled through California and I have magnets from every City we stopped at, we have also had magnets with animal pictures on them. One of my favorite birds is the peacock, I love their colors and how regal they are so when I saw that they had a magnet with a beautiful design of a peacock I decided to order it. It would be a perfect addition to our collection and add lots of color to our refrigerator. :D

Ordering was a breeze once I figured out what I wanted and shipping only took a week! :D So now my phone looks great and is protected. Make sure you subscribe to their newsletters where you will find out about flash sales like $5 iPhone cases or 80% off! So worth it!


  1. Sounds like they have some really neat stuff! The phone case you chose is so cool by the way! Love that!

    1. They really do Kassi, it was so difficult to narrow down my choices :D I will most likely order another case soon :D