Monday, March 11, 2013

...And it was past 7!

Daylight Savings Time got me! 

Did it get you? 

It was a little darker than usual, no loud garbage collection truck at the crack of dawn outside my window to wake me up... and before I knew it 


It was already past 7 a.m.

Quick, get up... get ready for the day and make breakfast for the family -those were my only thoughts. 

Oh wait, the kids are asleep still, that's unusual so what did I do? I got to enjoy a couple of minutes just chatting with Adventure Dad. That totally made my day, getting a few minutes to just wake up and chat. 

Our day started a bit rough, Adventure Boy woke up and was a bit upset anything and everything would become a battle ending in tears. Adventure Girl was the last one to wake up and she was also a bit moody. What started as a good day slowly began going downhill and now as I sit here writing the kids are outside enjoying a picnic of snacks. They are smiling and dreaming of Spring, warmer weather and noticing the signs of Spring. 

Hopefully tomorrow will be much easier on us and we can have a few minutes to just enjoy the sunrise, the quiet and stillness of our home. 

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