Friday, March 1, 2013

Adventures with the Tooth Fairy

The tradition in our family is that the tooth fairy visits the night of the tooth falling out, Adventure Girl places it under her pillow in either a little zip top bag or a little box she has. She loves fairies and well she always has a note that she writes to the fairy {this was her decision}, the tooth fairy always responds to her notes and always suggests she brush her teeth well as this is part of their deal.

The tooth fairy at our home leaves $5 per tooth and on two separate occasions she left $2 bills. At our home we try very hard to make this very special for Adventure Girl. The bills are usually folded into origami shapes, most of the time into a heart.

One of the other special traditions we have is Adventure Girl {AG} and Tooth Fairy have communication when there is a tooth underneath AG's pillow. This began with her first tooth and now Adventure Girl does it on her own. Thanking tooth fairy for stopping by and sometimes sharing a special event.

You see Adventure Girl believes in fairies, she loves everything that has to do with fairies we've shared before about our "sleep fairy" and the tooth fairy is part of her love for them. The fairy leaves encouraging messages to her about caring for her teeth as these are now "adult" teeth that she will have for the rest of her life.

The tooth fairy around the globe.

In Latin America the tooth fairy tradition changes a bit, in fact there is no tooth fairy. Instead there is a mouse "ratón" who collects the teeth. He also leaves some loot behind. "El ratón" as he is commonly is kind and sweet. Just like in Latin America "El ratón", France has a little mouse called "La Petite Souris" who collects the teeth.

A slight variation on "El ratón" and you have the Spanish tradition. In Spain "El ratoncito Pérez" which  translates to "Perez the little mouse". Veronica from Spain says "He is in charge of collecting the tooth -which is left either inside a shoe or under a pillow.and leaving either a gift or 5 Euros."

Hannah from Holland has shared with us that "When you lose a tooth and place it under your pillow the tooth fairy (Tandenfee) comes at night and takes your tooth and leaves some money. The amount depends, but seems like anywhere between 50 Euro cents - 2 Euros. Some parents say that the gnomes (Kabouters) come instead of the tooth fairy."

Traditions around the world may be different in characters, however they are the same as to what happens to the tooth and what is left in it's place.

What is your family's tradition when your child looses a tooth? 


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