Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Olga Soaje {Book author interview and giveaway!}

I had the opportunity of interviewing Olga Soaje the author behind my latest novel obsession "Borrowing My Mother's Saints". If you haven't read my review for her novel make sure you do! Here is what I asked her -I hope you enjoy reading her answers. 

1.- How did you come up with the story?

"It's a funny story actually, my youngest son had began school and I had realized I had time on my hands so I went to visit a friend and shared with her that I wanted to write a Saints manual but I wanted it to be written in a language we use daily and I wanted it to be a light read. However one night at a dinner party the character came to mind and I began to imagine the story and what was going on with the characters. I told my friend about it and she being the loyal supporter she's always been said "write it and send it to me tonight!" and that is how Julianna came to life. When I finished writing the story I realized how much I had written and how I enjoyed it so I researched about getting it published with the help from another friend. It's been an unforgettable experience!"

2.- What did you most enjoy about writing this novel?

"I enjoyed so many things, but to answer the question: The process. From scribbling the outline in pieces of paper that looked like a giant puzzle on a small wall in my home office, to a constant chatter in my mind with the scenes' not to mention discussing the story over coffee, tea, errands with my friend Adriana... it was a joyous journey. I can say that on the days that I got the opportunity to write I had the feeling of that second wind you get after a good run, it was addictive."

3.- The main character Julianna is faced with life changing decisions. What life changing decisions have you had to make? 

"I've had my share over the years, from moving back to my hometown to leaving job opportunities in lieu of dreams. The most recent was to publish "Borrowing My Mother's Saints" and say out loud what I had only chosen to tell a few close friends and family... I'm a writer and loving every minute of it."

4.- What would you like readers know about the book?

"When you read Saints in the title you might think of it as a religious book and although I do mention Patron Saints my aim was to go more into the "inspirational?. One of my greatest dreams is to have readers not only enjoy the story but to feel that I have somehow touched their feelings and inspired them; when I read stories that people send me at my Facebook page it just brings a smile to my heart all day long!"

For more about Olga Soaje make sure you visit her Facebook Page where readers all over the world are sharing a picture of them holding the book. This makes for a fun and active page and who knows maybe Olga herself might respond to your post! ;)


You read my review and now you know a little more about the author. Now you can win a copy of the book! So you can read it too. The book starts with Julianna getting her shoe's heel stuck in the street as she is walking.

What other places can get your heel stuck as you are walking?? 

Winner will be selected at random! 
Good luck!

Terms & Conditions of giveaway: 

 Giveaway is only open to U. S. residents age 18 or older, ends on Tuesday March 5th at 11:59 p.m. PST.  Number of entries received deteermines the odds of winning. One winner will be selected using random.org As always winner will be notified by e-mail and has 48 hours to respond with complete mailing address and claim their prize otherwise a new winner will be chosen. Winner will be chosen using random.org  Sponsor is 100% responsible for prize and will ship book directly to winner. Void where prohibited by law. 

DISCLOSURE: I received a copy of "Borrowing My Mother's Saints"  which facilitated my review.


  1. I've gotten my shoes stuck in those rubber grates at a super market before, no fun!

  2. I rarely wear heels, but when I do I almost always trip! Haha. Looks like a great book!

  3. I ALWAYS get my heels stuck in the grass. Not fun.


  4. I've gotten my shoe stuck in the sidewalk's sewer vent.

  5. Hi Maribel :) Sounds like an interseting read. Because I live in the country I'm gonna have to say a cattle guard. Have a great day xo

  6. Well here in Alaska if you dare to wear heels in the winter they will get stuck to the ice. :)


  7. Those are all very creative and interesting answers, I love the variety from Alaska to the country. One of you is closer of where Julianna got stuck.... but then again I won't spoil it. ;)

    Thank you for your thoughts and for entering the Giveaway.
    Have a great day and blessings

  8. a metal grate or grass. : ) tina bobina