Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An adventure at the dentist!

February is National Children's Dental Health month, with that in mind we recently took Adventure Boy and Adventure Girl to have their annual checkup. Since our move we had not visited any local dentists so when we received a mailer with a special promotion on it we took advantage of the promo and scheduled an appointment for both kids.

The promotion was good, but what caught our attention the most was the fact that one of the Dentists was from San Diego. We made sure we scheduled an appointment with her;  Dr. Barnali Roy.

When we arrived the office was waiting for us as we had back to back appointments for both kids, we chose a Saturday so Adventure Dad could calm Adventure Boy's nerves.

 They were super sweet with both kids and patient as they were both nervous to visit a new Dentist.

With toddlers it can be a challenge to get them to brush their teeth the right way as they are testing their independence and love to do everything on their own, even if that means that their teeth are not thoroughly cleaned. For this reason Dr. Roy suggested Tooth Tissue, which is similar to wipes but specifically made for teeth. These can be found at any pharmacy or baby boutiques such as Giggle and Carmel Blue in the Bay Area.

The area we live in does not add fluoride to the water, so we were advised to use kid safe toothpaste that has added fluoride to it to help protect our kids teeth enamel. We have since also purchased some cases of bottled water that includes fluoride and the kids love drinking it as it resembles to a sports bottle.

Dr. Roy is perfect with kids of all ages, she explained to Adventure Girl about dental hygiene in detail and provided her with dental floss, new tooth brush, kid safe toothpaste and some stickers which totally made her day. Adventure Boy received the same in a goody bag.

If you live in the Bay Area I would suggest visiting Dr. Roy for your pediatric dentistry needs. She can be found at 4 different locations -so we suggest you call these offices to schedule an appointment:

Cupertino Ortho Care & Kids Dentistry. 
(408) 257-0723

Discovery Pediatric Dentistry.
(415) 441-7766

Gentle Dental Fremont.
(510) 651-7700

UCSF - School of Dentistry.
(415) 206-8104

DISCLOSURE: We were not compensated for this post and this is not a sponsored post. We are sharing because we feel it is important to encourage parents to take their kids to regular dental appointments to keep their dental health in top condition.

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