Friday, February 22, 2013

A PicMonkey Webinar with Dari Design Studio

Last Thursday evening I had the pleasure of learning some great tools to better my blogging and my social media sharing. I attended the PicMonkey webinar that Dari Design Studio offers for bloggers, from the comfort of my home office.

Since I first began blogging I have learned all about blogging and how to start one and everything that goes along with it. I would add images after a couple of months and did not edit the images. Then I learned about watermarking and adding fancy stuff as borders until more recently when I learned how to make collages.

It was all very basic, however at the PicMonkey Webinar I learned about a cohesive collage, how to design a blog button from scratch and how to edit my images to make them better. I now know about sharpening an image, using clarity and adding effects. 

Did you know that you can overlay objects and texts onto images? I had no clue about that! I practiced creating the above collage about my creamy mushroom pasta recipe I cooked for dinner this week and am strongly considering paying the monthly fee of $5.00 to join PicMonkey so I can add more effects!

I have been playing around with my blog's design this past week and now I can play with my header and design it on my own. I can also now design a blog button :D This makes me very happy. 

Our teachers Dariana and Dariela {yes they are sisters}, were amazing. They made it so easy to understand as Dariana was showing us on screen step by step to edit an image or create a collage, Dariela was answering our questions through chat.

I plan on using all the information and teachings provided so that I can make my images better and also keeping my images with a flow that makes sense. Their insight was so great I couldn't stop writing and wanted to invite them over for a cup of coffee to learn more! 

Next week they will be teaching another PicMonkey Webinar for entrepreneurs about business cards and promo postcards. Their Webinar's are very affordable at $10.00 and are only an hour in the evening. Make sure you visit their website for all the details on their webinars.

Disclosure: I was invited to participate in this webinar, which facilitated my review.


  1. I love PicMonkey. It really is an easy editing tool and so simple and quick. Didn't know they offered webinars - nice!

    1. They do! the one they have coming up next week seems like a great one to personalize and give a personalized touch to business cards :D