Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Roadtrip to Baja

For Thanksgiving we traveled from NorCal to SoCal and then to Baja Mexico to be with friends and family. It was my third roadtrip alone with both kids in tow. I have to admit that I'm getting good at this. We drive for almost 7 hours straight to reach L.A. and enjoy visiting family. Spend a day or two there with them and then drive to San Diego where we visit friends after another day we continue our roadtrip to Baja and finally arrive in Ensenada Mexico where we also visit family and friends.

It sounds so easy right?? Well on this trip our drive to L.A. was a breeze, both kids were easy to travel with. At family's home we did great, the adventure got more challenging on Monday morning as my toddler son did not want to go out to eat to a restaurant. No biggie I stayed in the car with him watching a DVD while the rest of the family and my daughter enjoyed a delicious meal. From there we were to meet with other SoCal Lady Bloggers {Fabulous Ladies that blog and are all throughout the SoCal area! Check them out!}. 

This is went it continued to spiral downhill, as we were to meet at the Irvine Spectrum my toddler son was just not having it. He was crying, uncomfortable and needless to say making me work double time trying to calm him down and "keep calm and carry on". Have you had those moments? Those moments when you just want to enjoy some time and your toddler gets upset with everything? I've said it before things don't always go as planned... So there we were both my kids and I waiting to meet our friends except we couldn't calm my toddler son. 

After getting to meet Kirstin from SoCal Kids Outdoor Adventures {she is awesome! you should visit her blog if you and your family enjoy outdoor activities}, I was lucky my sister showed up and helped with both kids. We got them a quick dinner and before we knew it we were back on the road heading to San Diego. As we arrived in San Diego grandparents were ready for us and put Adventure Boy under their spell, we took advantage and visited more friends. :)

By Wednesday we were half way already through our trip and continued on to Ensenada, beautiful as always with a gorgeous view of the ocean and mountains. It is a special place. The following day was Thanksgiving, Stroller Adventures Dad joined us and our family prepared a delicious turkey and ham with stuffing, rice pilaf, cranberry sauce and I did a garden salad to go with our meal. It was all delicious!

Saturday came along too quickly and it was time to begin our trip back, making a much needed rest stop in San Diego and on Sunday continued our drive to NorCal. Oh the traffic was terrible, what is usually a short 8 hour drive turned into an almost 12 hour drive with moments that made the highway look like a parking lot! 

Finally we made it home and got ready for our week. We had a fantastic time and enjoyed seeing each one of our family members and friends, but we were beyond tired and ready to be back home. 

We are thankful for our fun and adventure filled week. 

How was your holiday week?