Friday, December 21, 2012

Being Merry...

As we prepare for a four day weekend, take a moment to regroup your thoughts. I promise it can take as long as you want but will feel amazing. Think of all the love, joy, peace and the reason for the season. 

Enjoy the weekend, your family, your friends and being together. It is truly a blessing. Being a family has no price, sharing the love doesn't mean buying a gift. So many gifts are free and bring more comfort and joy than one can think of:

A hug

A kiss

A compliment


Spending family time

Enjoying the view out your window

Whatever you choose to do, enjoy and savor each second for it is the best gift one can have. 

From the Stroller Adventures family to you:


We will be back to posting after Christmas, enjoy this time with you family. 

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