Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adventures in Paper Crafting with Astrobrights!

This past weekend Adventure Boy and Girl had lots of fun making some holiday themed cards for our friends. We used Astrobrights card stock for them and created some lovely cards. Here's what the card looks like:

We choose Astrobrights card stock in bright fluorescent colors, we only used one sheet of each color. The black card stock we already had at home. 

I made our own template for the tree you see above, here is the template I came up with:

After tracing it on top of my card stock with a pencil so that I just followed the outline of it with a pencil on the actual card stock:

Now you are ready to cut the tree template out.

You can use the scraps you have left and a penny to make circles to cut out for ornaments to be glued to the tree. I used every color we had in the pack: blue, pink, orange and yellow.

The rectangle on the bottom of the template need to be cut out from brown card stock so it is the trunk of the tree. 

The ornaments were attached using adhesive dots I had from when we scrapbooked. They were the perfect size and are double sided sticky so it made it easier for Adventure Girl to use.

After decorating our tree with ornaments we used foamies we had from a previous project that had a sea star -this was our tree topper. We also used gift themed foamies to decorated the bottom of the tree. 

Finally we attached the tree to black card stock and folded it in half. We wrote using letter magnets as templates and our own writing on the different colors of the card stock to make it pop and attached some ocean inspired foamies to the cover. 

Some alternatives for this is using 2 card stock papers and doing stapling them together like this one:

Another variation is instead of cutting out card stock to decorate you can use dot paints, these work best with toddlers! :D

And there you have it, an adventure in paper crafting with Astrobrights! For more information on Astrobrights and great craft ideas make sure you follow them on Pinterest and like them on Facebook

Have you made any crafts lately? What did you do? 

Disclosure: We received a package of Astrobrights card stock in order to facilitate our review and adventure, however all images and ideas as well as template are our own. 


  1. Love it, looks like your kids had lots of fun!! :D

    1. They sure did! I had fun coming up with ideas... :D

  2. I love that bright tree! But then I have several of the neon colored ones around my house. :-)

    1. It does make it pop! We loved the bright colors too.