Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Favorite Fall Books for kids.

As a family that loves to read, we have a big collection of you guessed it... Books! Since I was pregnant with our daughter we began reading to her. We enjoyed reading to her every evening and when she was born we continued to read books to her. With our son it's been the same story, except now that our daughter can read she sometimes reads to him {this melts my heart}.

Among our collection of children's books we have books that are perfect for Fall weather. These books show how the leaves turn into red, orange, gold and brown and how the air is cooler. Here are our favorites:

"Mouse's First Fall" Is a very special book that explains about Fall. It is written by Lauren Thompson and illustrated by Buket Erdogan. In this cute book you will meet "Mouse and Minka" who go out of their home to play. On their way to play they notice something is different and begin talking about all the changes that they are noticing. The illustrations are beautiful and make children feel they are there inside in the book enjoying Fall. 

"Colorful Leaves" is a science book written by Maria Fleming, in which you will not only see pictures of different types of leaves but also learn their names and what leaves do.  It also contributes to children's vocabulary by teaching them new words related to Fall. One of my favorite features in this book is that the last page has a list of new words with their meaning and 3 questions you can ask your child for reading comprehension.

"Ruby's Falling Leaves" was written by one of our favorite authors -Rosemary Wells. This is the story of Ruby and her little brother Max who reminds us so much of Adventure Boy. As Ruby is searching the backyard from leaves she is missing in our "Leaf collection book" Max enjoys seeing leaves and how different they are.

"The Legend of Spookley" Is a great book that not only shares about Fall and pumpkins but also the story of a square pumpkin and teaches us to accept differences with others and appreciate them. Spookley shows in the story how being different is good. Written by Joe Troiano and illustrated by Susan Banta. 

"I Spy a Pumpkin" Perfect book with riddles and photographs that allow children to pay close attention and search for specific items. Best part is kids get motivated to read. Adventure Boy loves this book as he can "read" some of the words that are represented through images. 

There are many other books that are perfect for toddlers that talk about fall. It's always a great way to teach about colors, numbers and science as well as increase a child's vocabulary. 

Do you or your child have a favorite book about fall?


  1. We have the Spookly book! I love it!

    We got to a reading from birth event monthly and each month is a different theme... this past one was apples. So the new book the kids got was a Clifford fall themed book about... yes, apples!

    1. Spookly is a great story, we have apple books too. I am actually working on that post for this week as well as one of our favorite "thanksgiving" books. :D

  2. My boys LOVE LOVE LOVE the I Spy books. I don't know how many of them we have. I've lost count.

    1. They are fun books that also teach them to pay close attention to detail :D