Thursday, November 8, 2012

Disney's The Lion King {Review}

Last night Adventure Girl and I had an amazing adventure! We got to enjoy a night in the City. We were guests of SHN and drove to San Francisco to watch the spectacular Broadway production of Disney's The Lion King at the Orpheum Theatre.

Our adventure began with us driving from the South Bay area to the City on the 101 {yes it was an adventure since it was my first time driving to SF without Adventure Dad}, we were going to take the BART as Brett {from the Orpheum theatre suggested}, by the way the staff at the Orpheum is fantastic! They are so helpful and really took the time to provide me with detailed information and directions, because this San Diegan is still learning how to get to and from San Francisco to her neck of the woods. So thank you Brett! :D

In the end we chose to drive to San Francisco and got there on time to get a great parking spot on the street, which after 6 p.m. is free. We walked across the street and got to meet several Bay Area bloggers that we love. 

It was a very special night as we met Syndee Winters -she plays "Nala".  Syndee dreamt of being an actress in the Lion King since 2010, congratulations on your perseverance and dedication to the role. We also met Jelani Remi -he plays "Simba". Jelani has been with the Disney Company for High School Musical and I was happy to know that we have very similar memories growing up with music in our lives. Both are amazing actors, great singers and they were very sweet as we chatted and took pictures with them. The entire cast is fantastic!

After our meet and greet event we walked to the theater to take our seats and enjoy the show. We loved that they had cushion's for the kids to sit on so they could enjoy the show as much as the adults. The Orpheum Theatre is beautiful, I love how luxurious it is decorated. As the show began we were speechless! Maybe it was the costumes? Which in Adventure Girls' words were "beautiful and so real" or perhaps it was the music? It really makes you feel like you are in the play and transports you to beautiful Africa. It could've also been the set, it is very elaborate and with so much attention to detail. The creative group for Disney's The Lion King did an amazing job. The costumes combined with the set and makeup make for a magical experience, you truly forget where you are and just want to keep enjoying the show. 

Adventure Girl loved that the story is just like the movie, but that each actor adds their own pizzaz to their character. Timon and Pumba made not only us but the whole theater laugh. The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney stories and last night reminded me of all the life lessons this story has. "You can't change the past, but you can learn from it!" is one of my favorite lines in the story and a very true one. 

We highly recommend you enjoy this play with your family, on a date night or for a friends night out. We enjoyed it as a mother-daughter date, it allowed us to bond and share the experience of theatre. Something we both love. This play is great for children 4 and over as they can sit and enjoy the play, I love that there are earlier shows which are perfect when going with children.  

Disney's The Lion King is in San Francisco's Orpheum Theater from November 1st through January 13th 2013. You may buy your tickets online or by phone at SHN's Audience Services (888) 746-1799. 

We want to thank the Orpheum Theater for this amazing adventure that made for a great memory and night in the City! 

Disclosure: SHN invited us to the meet and greet and enjoy The Lion King. All pictures and complete post are 100% our own opinions and photographs. {which explains my first pictures' lighting effect}. 


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    1. We did! my daughter woke up singing "The Circle of Life!" :D

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    1. It was very fun. I loved meeting the actors because when they came on stage we felt a special connection to them.

  3. That's awesome! I've always wanted to see that show.

  4. Vincent and I went on Saturday, it was a great time with my little man! - Moira