Tuesday, October 9, 2012

What's In My Purse

Today I am linking up with Mustache Mama, if you haven't checked out her blog you should. She is amazing! very creative and in my opinion cool. She just like me is a Target and Starbucks fan. She is also on Instagram and has great pictures.

Mustache Mama asked us today what was in our purse? 

After a little deliberation deciding if I would let you all see what's in my purse, I decided to share and here is what I found {P.S. please excuse the mess and all the wrappers and receipts}

This is my purse nowadays, it's a cross-body that fits it all and then some! Here we go...

1.- Disneyland admission tickets from last month and Starbucks iTunes cards to be redeemed. 

2.- My business cards in their case.

3.- Hands-free for my iPhone. Never leave home without them.

4.- My wallet.

5.- Adventure Girl's wallet.

6.- Makeup bag {I'll give you a look inside in a bit}

7.- My favorite and only hand cream I use from Aromatherapy Associates it smells like roses! Want to get some? click HERE

8.- Gum {bad habit}

9.- House and my key to the Escape {Love that it has Sirius-XM radio! and kids love the lights inside}

10.- Key to my Pilot {roomy enough for all our bikes and bike trailer plus us!}

11.- My BodyMedia Armband which I forgot to put on this morning as I rushed out the door.

12.- New pens I just got for BBC in Vegas {are you going?}

13.- Arnica {this one is from Mexico, it is the best ointment for bruises, burns, scrapes and bumps! just ask my San Diego mommy friends!}

14.- Reusable bag, if you live in Northern California you know not leave your home without them! :)

15.- 2 small notebooks, 1 small cars coloring/activity book and 1 small picture book of tractors!

16.- Crayons in a zip top bag.

17.- My obsession! I can't be without it.. EVER! iPhone :)

18.- My grocery list, yes very old school but I love hand writing. Oh and some mail. 

19.- My watch which I also forgot to put on.

20.- Receipts, yes 3 of them from Target... {LOVE Target!}

21.- Cheese stick wrapper! {embarrassing! but in my defense I was eating my snack and didn't find a trash can so I saved it for when I got home!}

22.- One ponytail holder even though my hair is short and $0.10 

Inside my makeup bag you'll find:

1.- Cinch energy tea mix and a cinch snack lemon/cranberry bar! mmm delicious! You can get your own HERE

2.- Burt's Bees lip moisturizer, I'm always suffering from dry lips.. this helps soothe them. 

3.- 2 {because one is not enough!} Lip Gloss' from Clinique in my favorite colors: Tenderheart and Bamboo Pink, you can get yours HERE I also love their Even Better Makeup with SPF 15 which is also in my makeup bag it's sold HERE

4.- RIMMEL London blush with a retractable brush.

5.- Revlon sample, 1 bobby pin in case my hair gets in my face too much, my toe ring and a broken bracelet that should be at the jeweler for repairs but I keep forgetting. 

As you can see I'm your average mom, with a boat load of stuff in her purse. For some reason today I didn't have any hot wheels or legos from my toddler son or a glitter baton from my daughter. I always keep snacks in my purse and toys to entertain both my kids while on the road.

If you want to share What's In Your Purse make sure you visit Mustache Mama and link up! 
it's open to everyone! 


  1. How fun! I will definitely play along. Let me take some photos right now.

    1. Awesome Melanie, it is fun! I had fun doing my pictures and then realizing all I had in my purse! no wonder it's always heavy!

  2. Ummm....Kate Spade...Heart Melting!!! Love it!!Can always tell a true Target Shopper by the amount of receipts stashed away...(for good reason too!) And being a Cali girl too, I hear ya on the reusable bag! Although mine seem to never make it in the store with me! LOL
    Thank you so much for linking up!!!!
    I am going to do it monthly!!!

    1. Thank you for hosting Heidi, yes I'm a die hard Kate Spade fan! that's my second purse... I also have her reading glasses and iphone case! My husband choose both my purses and gifted them to me.. I still haven't posted about when I bought that purse. It was at an opening event they had and the girls at that store were super sweet! Yes Target is less than 5 minutes away so I go there a lot! back in spring we were there every single day!