Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Sleep Fairy

Back in 2009, before Adventure Boy arrived our daughter was a great sleeper. She would sleep through the night and wake up at the crack of dawn, she has always been a very active girl with an equally active imagination. She loves story telling and reading books and enjoys everything magical and fairies. 

A year after, Adventure Girl began waking up at night and coming into our bedroom and sleeping in our bedroom for the rest of the night. It came to the point where we couldn't sleep anymore and either one of us ended up on the floor or in another bedroom in order to get some sleep. After talking about this with a grandmother in our mommy and me class I was told about the Sleep Fairy. You see this family was going through exactly the same situation we were and were pretty much about to give up like most of us do in order to get some sleep, but then as they searched for solutions they found a book called The Sleep Fairy, in which basically each and every night the sleep fairy would watch over the little boy's sleep and if he stayed all nigh Sle, in which basically each and every night the sleep fairy would watch over the little boy's sleep and if he stayed all night in his own bedroom and bed in the morning he would find a little surprise under his pillow. After hearing this I went home and prepared to begin our quest for a peaceful, restful night with Adventure Girl in her own bedroom and bed. 

That night we explained to Adventure Girl about The Sleep Fairy and guess what?

She slept through the night in her own bedroom and bed!!!

The next morning before she woke up I left a cute "rocker girl" necklace I found at the dollar bin underneath her pillow along with a note I hand wrote in whimsical lettering saying: 

"I see you have been having trouble sleeping in your own bed, I will be visiting you nightly and if I see you sleep in your bed through the night I will leave you a little surprise!" 

Then every morning for the following month Adventure Girl would find a pen or a pencil or a notebook or a sticker or a simple note. She would wake up in excitement and check under her pillow. After 2 months it was time to say good-bye to the sleep fairy and so there was a final note in which the Sleep Fairy explained that she was so proud of her and that she now needed to set the example for Adventure Boy and other children to sleep through the night in her own bed and to make sure she would leave a fairy behind that would report to her how Adventure Girl slept. I searched for the perfect fairy figurine to represent her. I ended up visiting my local Hallmark store {back then we still lived in San Diego so I went to Cory's Hallmark on Bonita Rd.} they were very helpful and I chose this fairy:

To this day the fairy is still in Adventure Girl's room watching over her sleep!

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