Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Golden Gate {Giveaway and Book Review}

Since our move to NorCal we have visited the Golden Gate Bridge and witnessed first hand how majestic it is! Adventure Boy easily recognizes it anywhere he sees it. He calls it: "The bridgey". We are truly grateful that we've had this opportunity of living only 40 minutes away from it and get to enjoy it so often, I'd say we've been there at least once a month.

Back in April we shared with you our first official visit to the Golden Gate Bridge as NorCal residents, you can read about it here and see our images of it. 

It is a well recognized landmark not only in the United States but also around the world. This year the Golden Gate Bridge celebrated it's 75th anniversary and it did so with a boom! I love how much it was celebrated and how beautiful it looked with fireworks for the celebration. We got to enjoy bits of it on TV and this book was published also as part of the celebration!

We were given the opportunity to review a very special commemorative picture book that also included some facts and history about it. As soon as we opened the box Adventure Boy was all over the book enjoying the pictures and gasping as there was yet another page to ooh and ahh at pictures of the "bridgey".

It is a very special book with amazing photographs, some are with the always visible fog. Others are with the sun shining on it and then there are some impressive ones with lightning bolts and moon light. It's hard to believe that it was built in 1937 and with a vision from a dream. 

I am happy to announce that we have a copy to giveaway for you to enjoy all of the beautiful pictures! To enter simply complete the instructions in the below rafflecopter form. 


  1. Beautiful write up Maribel =) It sounds like a GREAT book. There was a time in my life where I honestly believed I would never get to see this bridge. Pretty amazing on where life has taken me in that I've seen it twice in the past two years and have some beautiful pictures from it. =)

    It's a gorgeous bridge, and I can only imagine the pictures in there!

  2. would love to see the bridge, haven't seen it yet, but it i know it will be a great memory once i do, btw, you should know who this is :)

  3. It's so beautiful after you cross that bridge. What an amazing dream!

  4. I love the bridge, brings back so many family memories. My uncle was married in Tiburon on July 4th and we watched fire works going off over the GG Bridge.


  5. On the last family vacation I took with my parents we visited the Golden Gate Bridge. It's so beautiful!